We as a Parent Council at St. Leo Catholic Elementary School aim to provide an opportunity for you as a parent to get involved in your child's education.  Whether you have an hour to spare a day or an hour for the entire school year we hope to find a way that will work for you to engage in the larger St. Leo family.  Whether it is joining our fundraising efforts to bring resources to our children, volunteering on a school trip or joining in a celebration of one of our religious Sacraments, we want you to be a part of your child's school life. We aim to provide a welcoming, inclusive environment where all ideas, concerns and questions are encouraged.   

“This school is second to none in my Ward for school spirit and community”

— Toronto City Councillor Mark Grimes Ward 6


  • 45K has been designated by the TCDSB to return the St. Leo School Yard to nature.

  • Helped launch Early French Immersion which has now been offered since September 2015.

  • Angel Foundation Nutrition provides a healthy snack for all students EVERY morning 

  • CSPC has made possible a cultural field trip for every class.

  • Annual Parent’s night out and Spring Fling have become Community Events

  • Inform and Engage parents to increase awareness and a sense of community for St. Leo’s and beyond

  • School events such as teacher appreciation breakfast, pancake Tuesday, sacraments and graduation

  • Pizza days organized weekly

  • Partner with Educators

  • Build Community Partnerships

  • Create an atmosphere that we are one village raising all of our children


You can read more information about parent councils, AGM Elections and bylaws on each link.