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Religious Celebration and Sacrament Committee -  CSPC supports all of the sacraments and graduations throughout the year. This involves ordering and delivering the items which the teachers organizing the event have requested. Some set up and clean up is required at some events to allow the teachers to focus on the sacrament activities. This is a low time commitment activity but we certainly need help - let me know if you would like to get involved.

Community Liaison- Note that this is a role where everyone's help would be beneficial and appreciated.  Bringing in new community partners to help fund activities for the school can be done by everyone who has a connection with a local business who could benefit from some local inexpensive publicity. 

Communications- Website design, Social Media and Marketing resources would be an asset to this team.

Wednesday Pizza - will need plenty of support on pizza days at lunch to hand out the pizza to the younger grades.  If you would be open to giving the school an hour or so of your time on Wednesdays - or even if just a couple of Wednesdays - or even if only one Wednesday - please let Claire know so she can set up the calendar

Nutrition Program- We are always looking for volunteers to help prep for the following days' snack.  Many hands makes light work.  If you can volunteer regularly or even just once, we would be grateful for your support.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast- we always have a breakfast for the teachers the week before the Christmas break.  Look for emails in December requesting goodies and serving support that morning.

Pancake Tuesday-traditionally the parents have made all of the food preparations for this event - purchasing the ingredients, preparing the pancakes and serving them to the children.  Look for emails closer to Shrove Tuesday to get involved.

Annual Silent Auction- this is a big event that raises about 1/3 of our funds every year. For this we need people to solicit auction items as well as take care of all of the event planning. This year we will be looking for a new venue in which to hold this event - so put your thinking caps

Annual Spring Fling- this big event raises counts for another 1/3  of funds.  It is a bit early to talk about this - but it is a big undertaking and having a few new people helping to plan, set up and run it would have a huge impact.

Fill out the email form below if you would like to join a committee.  Fill out the email form if you'd like to volunteer occasionally for specific events.  Any and all contributions are appreciated! 


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Do you know that any donation made to the school over $10.00 receives a tax receipt? Don't feel like participating in fundraising but want to contribute?  Consider making a yearly donation. Fill out the form and our Principal Mr Rivers will contact you directly. 

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Support a Fundraiser

Are your kids losing their school items already?  Mabels Labels are AMAZING and stick to anything.  

Visit the website  then click the “Support A Fundraiser” button located on the top of your screen, and then select St. Leo CSPC (Etobicoke) from the drop-down list.   A portion of your purchase will go back to the school.


Tell your friends and family about the many things we are doing at the school. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself.  Our school spirit and pride is our greatest strength!