June 21st Newsletter

Hello St Leo Community!


This is the final newsletter for the 2018/2019 school year.


Congratulations to the organizers and all of the children who performed at the Annual St Leo Talent Show this past Wednesday.  We certainly have some extraordinary talent in our midst.  What wonderful performances.


Congratulations to our Grade 8 students class who will graduate on Monday.  We are already so proud of you, but we can’t wait to hear what big things you will accomplish in the future.  Best wishes to you all!  Thanks and congratulations to all the teachers and staff who taught and supported these children over the past 10 years.


Congratulations to St Leo C.S. for achieving the Ontario Eco School Gold certificate this year!!  What an accomplishment!!  This is a direct result of all the love and hard work the St Leo Eco Team put into pushing us in the right direction.  Big thanks to our Green Team and the entire St. Leo Community for helping us reach our Eco goals!!


Final Reminders:

  1. The Grade 8 graduation mass will be held on Monday June 24th at 6:30 pm at St Leo Church.  The awards and reception follow afterwards in the school gym.

  2. The Annual Play Day will take place on Tuesday June 25th.  Make sure your children wear a sunhat and have sunscreen on that day.  Please note that lunch will be provided at Play Day – so no need to pack a lunch that day.

  3. The Farewell Assembly will be held in the school gym on Wednesday June 26th at 1:00 pm.  All are welcome.

  4. Wear Red and White on June 27th.  The students will gather to sing O Canada outside at 9:30 am.

  5. We are looking for families to take on a week each of watering the garden beds over the summer.  If your family would be willing to take on a week (or two), please leave your names with the office for Mme. Campeau (or contact Mme. Campeau directly).

A Truckload of Thank Yous:


Thank you to all of the teachers and staff for all they have done this year to enrich the minds and lives of our children.  Thanks for taking them on field trips.  Thanks for using your own time to coach sports teams and/or provide other extracurricular activities.  Thanks for teaching them chess and designing a super cool yearbook for them.  Thanks for showing them what it means to take responsibility for the environment.  For a relatively small school, there are a tremendous amount of opportunities and extracurricular activities for the students.  Thank you for all that you do.


Thank you to all of the parents who took on roles with the St. Leo CSPC this year – Monique Beechey (Chair), Tania Zoldak (Treasurer), Kim Daniel (Secretary) Stephanie Naval (Parent Rep), Nikki Dettbarn (Parent Rep), Andrea Larsen (Parent Rep), Chantelle Nakhooda (Communications) and Brandi Ward (Community Liaison).  Thanks to Mrs Ugrin and Mlle. Hunter (Teacher Rep) and Chantelle Schoeller (student rep).  Thanks to those who regularly attended the CSPC meetings and helped with our decision making – Kristi Gordon, Claire McMullin, Tonya Perri and Ms. Ryan. I will take this opportunity to encourage all parents to come out to a parent council meeting during the next school year.  We would love to hear your voice.


Thanks to the many parent volunteers who helped throughout the year to serve pancakes, sell books, man a bouncy castle or water garden pods.  Whatever time you gave St Leo, all of our children appreciated it.


Thank you to Marion – the pizza lady.  This one woman show has managed every Wednesday pizza day throughout the year.  We all appreciate having one day a week when we don’t have to pack a lunch … and of course the kids appreciate the pizza.  Marion’s daughter is graduating from St. Leo next week so it is time for another parent to step forward to take on the pizza role.  Let me know if you are interested.


Thanks to Ms. Figueiredo’s Grade 6 class who hand delivered the pizza to the classes each week.


Big thanks to Dorothy and Stephanie and all the volunteers for running the snack program.  Dorothy achieves something many of us struggle with – getting our children to eat vegetables!  This program has become so important to our school.  Thank you for the care and effort you put into this.


Thank you to all of our Community Partners for their support this year.  Their contributions are very important for the technology, field trips and activities the St Leo CSPC is able to support.  Please support them when you can.


… Now for the Farewells:


Unfortunately this year we are losing many teachers and staff.  Many who we have come to love over so many years and some that we have gotten to know recently.  To all of you, we wish you the best and hope you will be happy and fulfilled in the new roles you will soon commence.  Farewell and thankyou to Ms. Arbour, Ms. Abate, Ms. Dela Cruz, Ms. Dorgan, Ms. Dossantos, Ms. Falat, Mme Gatto, Ms. Gaughan, Ms. Iozzo, Ms. Magsila, Ms. Malinowski, Mme McEniry, Ms. McKeon, Ms. Palacio, Ms. Regaspi Camu and Ms. Urbaniak.

As you know, at the end of this week, our dear Mrs. Ugrin will to start her well-deserved retirement.  For many of our students and their parents, Mrs. Ugrin is the only principal we know.  It will be strange for us to see someone else at her desk. 

Mrs Ugrin’s own work ethic inspires not only the students, but also the adults around her (in whatever capacity) to work harder and continuously strive to do better.  She always conducts herself with poise, grace and unquestionable professionalism.  She is a strong leader and a solid role model. 

Mrs. Ugrin acts with compassion and always puts the needs of the children first.

Mrs. Ugrin never fails to say thank you.  Now it is our turn.  Thank you Mrs. Ugrin for all that you have done for our children and our little school.

Yours are tough shoes to fill.  While we will welcome the new principal (which I hear so many good things about) with open arms, we will be missing you for a long time.  God bless.


And one Welcome:


Come September, Mr. Rivers will be the new principal at St. Leo C.S.  Welcome to our little school, Mr. Rivers.  We are looking forward to getting to know you.


Finally, I want to wish students, teachers and staff (those leaving and those staying), parents and siblings, a relaxing, fun and safe summer.   I look forward to speaking with you all again soon.