October 8 Newsletter

Hello St Leo Community


It seems we haven’t started off the school year on the right foot with respect to safety at drop off and pick up times.  St Leo staff, parents and local neighbours all have serious safety concerns about the St. Leo parking lot and surrounding streets.  Below are a few key rules:


YOU MAY NOT PARK YOUR CAR ILLEGALLY IN THE PARKING LOT.  In case you are not clear – parking down the middle of the lot is illegal.  Double parking is illegal.  Please stop this reckless behaviour.


YOU MAY NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR RUNNING AND UNATTENDED IN THE PARKING LOT.  Cars are left idling and unattended on a regular basis in the parking lot.  This is terribly unsafe behaviour in an area with so many children.  Please stop this reckless behaviour.


YOU MAY NOT JUMP THE CURB ON ELIZABETH STREET TO DROP YOUR KIDS OFF IN THE MORNING.  It’s bad enough that the road is unsafe with all the double parked cars, please refrain from making the sidewalks unsafe as well.  Please stop this reckless behaviour.


For the sake of all of our children, please use common sense and obey the street and parking signs.   Make good choices. Make safe choices. 


In the meantime, we have engaged parking enforcement to help with these problems on the surrounding streets and in our parking lots.



Below are all the updates you need for the coming weeks:

1.      The St Leo CSPC elections were held two weeks ago and your new CSPC council is as follows:

Voting members include:

·         Chair – Monique Beechey

·         Vice Chair – Fiona Kerr (and OAPCE rep.)

·         Treasurer – Tania Zoldak

·         Secretary – Kim Daniel (and special education rep.)

·         Parent Reps – Anique Dettbarn, Stephanie Naval, Andrea Larsen

Non-voting members include:

·         Principal – Mrs. Ugrin

·         Teacher Rep – Mlle. Hunter

·         Student Rep – Chantelle Schoeller

·         Community Liaison – Brandi Ward

·         Social Media – Chantelle Nakhooda

Thanks to our returning members and to our new members who stepped forward.  Special thanks to all the new faces who joined our elections and meetings this past month.

2.      Best wishes to all the students who will be competing on October 10that the Cross Country meet.  Go Lions Go!!

3.      Cookie dough orders and money are due back to the school by Wednesday October 17th.  Fulfilled orders will be delivered on Thursday November 17th - which lines up with parent teacher interviews - so parents can pick up the cookie dough that evening.  All funds raised will be going back to your children via the nutrition program and other important programs.

4.      Picture day is Friday October 19th. Proper uniform attire is required – navy blue and white!

5.      SAVE THE DATE!!! St Leo is holding a fundraising/community event with the Marlies on December 2nd.  Ticket price is $25.00 and will go on sale shortly.  Keep your eyes peeled.

6.      If you have some time in the morning, we can always use some help with the nutrition program.  If you are interested please present yourself in the morning at the office and let them know you are there to help out with the snacks.  Once you are signed in, you will be directed to the servery.

7.      Father John Redmond CHS is holding an Open House on Tuesday October 9th at 6:30 pm.

8.      Thanksgiving Mass will be held on Thursday October 11th at 1:00 pm.  All are welcome.

9.      October’s Civvies Day will be on Friday October 26th.  Don’t forget to bring your toonie.

10.  The See Hear Vision Clinic will be held on October 29th and October 30th.

11.  Keep in mind that St Leo has been certified as an Ontario ECO school.  As such, we continue to uphold our commitment to “BAN THE WATER BOTTLE – TURN ON THE TAP”.  Please ensure your child comes to school with a litter free lunch and a reusable bottle for water.

12.  We will continue to accept orders for spirit wear Hoodies throughout the month of October.  A hoodie costs $35 and sample sizes are in the office.  Ms. Bonnici asks that if you are wishing to order a hoodie, please avoid the times around the start of school and the end of school to visit the office.  These are already busy times for the office so it is difficult to receive your order at these times.

13.  One of our Community Partners, Specs & Spines, wants to remind you that October is Children's Vision Month for the Ontario Association of Optometrists.  Specs & Spines promotes routine eye exams for children every year and are currently running a promotion of 20% off eyewear for students valid until the end of October 31.  See attachment.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!