St Leo Weekly Newsletter - week ending February 24, 2017

Hello St. Leo Community!

Congratulations once again to the St Leo’s Choir.  You all sounded wonderful last Sunday!

Below are the reminders and updates you need for next week:

  1. In Honour of St. Leo’s 90th Birthday St. Leo Alumni Brendan Shanahan donated two tickets to an upcoming regular season Maple Leaf Game!  We are holding a raffle for these tickets.  Depending on the game the lucky winner chooses, the value is between $500 and $700!!!  Tickets are $10 each. A ticket order form was sent home with your children this week.  For your chance to win, please return your filled in ticket form with payment to your child’s teacher no later than March 7th.   If you purchase more than one ticket, we will add the additional tickets into the pot and align ticket sales with the number of tickets in the pot.  The draw will be held on the morning of Wednesday March 8th during morning announcements. You will be contacted by phone or email if you are the winner. Please print legibly.
  2. A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to students, their families and to staff at St. Leo for supporting the Angel Foundation Civvies Day fundraiser on February 14th. The school was a beautiful sea of pinks, reds and whites! We surpassed our donation goal and collected $475.00 for this worthwhile cause. Thanks to all for participating in Believe in Angels week!
  3. To all swim team parents, swim team fees are now due.  Please remit $50.00 for each participating child as soon as possible.
  4. SK and Grade 8 Graduation Photo day is this Friday (March 3rd).
  5. Pizza forms for the duration of the year have been sent home.  Please have your order back to the school by March 3rd.  Late order forms will not be accepted.  In case you haven’t received a form, I have attached one to this email.  Once again thank you to Marion Camilleri who has been our pizza organizer all year. 
  6. Pancake Tuesday is this Tuesday.  Thanks to all our parent volunteers who will be flipping pancakes for our kids this week.
  7. St. Leo Annual Scholastic Book Fair is planned for the week before March Break. We need a few more parents to help out our brand new librarian (we have 5, would love another 3).  You will be able to volunteer either morning or afternoon.  Please respond to this email to let us know that books are important and that you have a few hours to help make our Book Fair a success.
  8. First Holy Communion takes place on May 7th at the 11:30 mass.  Forms have been sent home with the children.  Forms must be filled in and returned to the Church (in person). There are three dates in April for pre First Holy Communion parent instruction.  This instruction is mandatory.  Failure to attend will postpone your child’s First Holy Communion to 2018.
  9. Confirmation takes place on May 28th at 4:00 pm.  Forms have been sent home with the children.  Forms must be filled in and returned to the Church (in person).  There are three dates in April for pre Confirmation parent instruction.  This instruction is mandatory. Failure to attend will postpone your child’s Confirmation to 2018.

As always feel free to contact me if ever you have concerns … or just want to share some great ideas … and don’t forget to check out our website at and follow us on twitter @stleosfun



Make sure to let our St Leo’s Community Partners know that you found out about them here.  A special thanks goes out to this week’s Community Partner of the week – Lakeside Pharmacy