Good evening St. Leo Community!  Check us out at http://www.stleoparentcouncil,org @stleosfun and t https://m.facebook.com/stleopcspc

Congratulations to our Grade Seven and Eight students as they celebrated their confirmation today!  May God Bless each and every one of you as you begin your adult journey in our Catholic faith.  A special thank you to the Religious Celebration Committee  Tania Zoldak and Suzy Mediros.  Your commitment to providing a wonderful celebration is so very appreciated.  Thank you to the St. Leo Children's Choir for singing at Mass, to Father Frank, Mr Punter, Ms Lehane, Ms Starr and Mrs Ugrin.  Today marked the largest group of St. Leo students being confirmed!

A HUGE THANKYOU to everyone who helped to make the Auction such a success! Thank you to those who bought tickets and attended, those who made a ticket donation and to those who donated items. A particular shoutout to Fiona Kerr for all of her incredible organization, Carey Burleigh, Brandi Ward, Jackie McGrath, Andrea Larsen, Lucy Messore,  Mary Jo Janzen, Claire McMullen, Tania Zoldak, Claire Michaud, Kim Daniel.  Thank you to Chris Szarka, John Zarand, Peter Messore, and Blair Larsen for the help as well.  
We do not have the final totals from the auction house yet but in our items alone we believe we made over 4K AND... everyone walked away with incredible deals. Every dollar that we made goes directly back to making the school a better environment for our children.   It was a win/win for all and a fun time to boot!!!!  

 April is Oral Health Month.  Thanks to our incredible Community Partner Dr Mira and Dr Max Wassef of Lakeside Dentists ,Brush-a-mania will take place this Friday April 22nd.  The children are provided with an interactive, entertaining presentation in proper dental care.   Each student will receive a Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as, a Brush-a-mania sticker. If students complete the online program, they will be able to print out a Brush- a-mania Club Member certificate. His or her name will be entered into a draw to win a gaming entertainment unit and tablets.  Thank you Dr.Mira and Dr. Max for your generous support of our school in so many ways!

Pizza Day is Wednesday.

Chess is Tuesday Grades 1-4.

Earth Day is Friday April 22nd.  The Earth Day Assembly is at 1:00p.m.

he Etobicoke Garden Pod Project will be setting up raised beds in our school yard to grow vegetables with the end goal of supplying food to are persons that are food insecure.  They will be supplying the Food Bank, Women's Habitat and LAMP with the foods grown in our very own school yard!  They supply the beds but they need our help in maintaining and watering throughout the summer months. Even committing to water twice for one week would be hugely helpful.   If you or your family is interested in being a part of this amazing project, please respond to this email.  

Teachers if you missed the opportunity to have your own classroom garden in the tree planter gardens but would like to be a part of this initiative please respond to this email.  

 JEI Learning Center will be offering summer classes for both English and Math. Classes will run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays (3 times a week) 9 hours in total. Please contact Ritu Singh if any students would like to take summer classes at 416 259 0123 and he will send all the information regarding cost.

Instrumental Music Day will be all day on Thursday.

Travelling Stage will be visiting students from Grades 1-8 on Thursday.

Shoutout to our Community Partners of the week,  LAND MECHANICAL HVAC and POWERHOUSE ELECTRIC.  Thank you both for all of your support of St. Leo School!

Have a wonderful week everyone.  Enjoy the Spring and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or ideas to make our school even more awesome!

Warmest Regards,