January 4th CSPC Newsletter

Happy New Year!!!  Hoping that everyone had a wonderful holiday and that 2016 will bring continued blessings.  Apologies for the delay in the weekly email - Sunday came very fast:)  
Check out the website at http://www.stleoparentcouncil.org for news!

Practices are at Alderwood Pool Fridays 7:15am-8:15am. (If you cannot bring your child to school after the practice we have carpooling options available) and Saturday Alderwood Pool at 4:15-5:15pm
All swimmers require a pair of goggles and an Olympic style swim suit (no 2 pieces, no loose fringes/bows, no baggy boards shorts)
Swim Meet is Saturday April 2 and if your child qualifies for Finals they are held the following day Sunday April 3rd. Parent volunteers are required for the Saturday session.
Coaches are Christina Figueiredo, Claire McMullin and Jackie McGrath.

Reminder that Pizza Day is this Wednesday.

Chess Club is Tuesday at lunch.

While we do have skates in the skate locker there is not enough for every student.  If you are able,  please consider buying a pair of skates and a CSA approved helmet for your child so that all may participate in the Mimico Arena Skate days. Letters have been sent home informing you which days your child's class will be skating.  Please be sure they bring their equipment with them on that day!  (Play It Again Sports located on the Queensway near Royal York has many new and used options).  

A huge shout out to our sponsor of the week JEI LEarning!  Located in 773 Unit L The Queensway (416) 259-0123 Tel) they have many fun and educational programs to offer (tutoring, after school care, PA Day fun etc)  They are truly a school partner!  

The next CSPC meeting will be held on January 13th at 6:30p.m. in the library.  We hope to see you there!

Check out this great family day in support of a Syrian Family (and another great reason to get a pair of skates:)