April 1st Minutes

Minutes from St. Leo CSPC Meeting.            April 1st, 2015
School Library 6:30p.m.
Minutes Prepared by Pavla Cervak

In Attendance: Michael Bock, Michelle Nolden Szarka, Brandi Ward, Julie Stone, Ms. Policelli, Jackie McGrath, Lillian Ugrin, Tania Zoldak, Carey Burleigh, Carolina Repila

Opening Prayer by Jackie McGrath

Fundraising Committee – Brandi
•    Fundraising meeting rescheduled to April 14) 
•    Cost for sign allocated from previous meeting for sign no longer needed, funds to be reallocated back to the budget.

Motions Passed:  The following motions were passed early in the meeting while quorum was still present.  Brandi Ward needed to leave early.  Claire McMullen and Helen Curcic were not present.

1) Brandi motioned $3,000 for Main Event – jumpy castles, games and candy floss as per last year and other expenses for the Spring Fling expenses.  2nd Tania, all approved.

2) Brandi Motioned $1,500.00 of PIC Grant money to go to Culturally diverse entertainment for our Spring Fling – ie: African Drummer and Bagpipers.  This serves a dual purpose of providing entertainment for the Spring Fling and giving back to our parents and community in a pic grant usage that we know will be heavily attended and appreciated.  2nd Michelle, all approved.

3) Michelle motioned additional $50.00 for flowers and plants to fill our gardens and boxes plus the existing $150 already allocated for eco team.  2nd by Tania, all approved.

4) Michelle motioned 30 Volunteer aprons at $9.50 a piece X 30 plus $20.00 printing fee through Big Head Promotions    Total = $305.00  Navy with yellow lettering.   2nd Pavla, all approved

5) Michelle motioned $75.00 to host luncheon at St. Leo for Humber Professors, Ann Andrachuk, Doug Yack, Councillor Grimes, Mos Architects, Maia Puccetti and reps from Capital Development on April 7th.  2nd by Brandi, all approved.  Remaining  $50.00 costs to be funded by Lillian’s budget.

Student Report: Tyler Mackie by email
Grades  6 to 8 thank all teachers and parents for the skate day. It was fun.

Grade 8’s are helping Mr Punter with confirmation plans and will help with graduation plans.  Our stoles are done. After confirmation we will start plans for graduation  

Grade 8 & 7 student volunteers are willing to help  for the holy communion are Tylr, Ervin, Liam, Jamie, Angelica & Micheal

Grade 7 students volunteering for  confirmation  help in gym & church with Ms. Tania & Mr. Punter


Principal Report:    Lillian Ugrin

 CHESS –   Students proceeding to Finals: Ricky Clattenburg, Chrisanne Aseoche, Victor Kaneko Alefirova,    Paul Jordan
 Junior Volleyball – Good showing by both teams coached by Ms. Lehane and Ms. Piwowarek
Autism Dance – school wide participation in dance coordinated by Ms. Arbour and Mrs.  Martinez
Skate Locker – Thank you to CSPC Michelle for sourcing donations of skates/ helmets/ indoor floor hockey sticks.  We have a plentiful skate locker!
Partnership with Humber college/Sprouts Program/Architectural Consortium
    (To be addressed by Carey/Jackie/Michelle
Marlies Hockey Event – March 25th : Thank you to  Councillor Grimes for providing this opportunity for our students. Thanks to Michelle for making the contact for our school.

 2. FRENCH IMMERSION – 2 classes allocated for September 2015
Information evening for NEW JK SK FRENCH IMMERSION registrants will take place on  Thursday, April 30th at 6:30 pm in the school library.
3.PHYSICAL PLANT UPDATE–  Hallway TV is functioning
                                                      _  P A System updates taking place
 Volunteers Carey and Jackie working with all classes. Almost completed.
 (MURAL ART PROJECT  with Rob Matejka, Artist;  continues with student groups on rotation on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays
5.  Sports – Track & Fielding training will begin week of April 13th
                     Participation from many staff members: Policelli/Orr/Spadafora/Punter/

Currently:  Mrs. Martinez is on leave. Mr Hayden Punter is the LTO until June 26, 2015
.Music Teacher:  NIL report

SAP request for safety lighting is still outstanding
SAP request for painting of the classrooms in the Horsehoe

Block Budget (School)         $ 7,938
Outside Agency Account    $ 5,409
CSAC Account  (at TCDSB)  $30,451

(1)  Term 2 Progress Reports will be issued on Monday, June 22, 2015.
 (2) Literacy focus continues …
Our Primary Teachers will participate in a Literacy Inquiry activity on April 16th.
 St. Leo teachers will host a classroom presentation for teachers from St. Josaphat 
      Mrs. Policelli was the host presenter for the first session.
     Ms. Jachyra is the presenting host teacher for this round.


•    Health & Safety 
Anti Bullying Campaign with Ms. Starr continues
Health Schools ActionTeam with Ms. Starr continues
Two students approached with keen interest in forming a Keen Green Team at St. Leo CS
“Stay tuned for more information”!
•    TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT –  Technologies are being accessed by students and staff.
NIL REPORT at this time!
(CLUBS  continuing . . .
(a)    Chess   - to city finals on April 9th and 10th 
(b)    Rosary
(c)    Caribou Math
(d)    Gauss Math 
•    CALENDAR (refer to April  calendar )

•    Follow Up - as requested by CSPC at the March  4th  2015 meeting  (completed)
1.  Wireless activity areas:    Wireless to be requested for installation in the main floor corridor in the area of the JKSK classrooms
2.  Ukelele Assembly – Friday April 10th at 11:00 am 

3.  Faith Day Relic – advised by Anne Marum Religious Education Program Coordinator “NO”  “not appropriate for Elementary School Age students”   and it is not part of the  Religious education curriculum
4.  Volunteers – Mrs. Keon has volunteered her children
                                 Mrs. Ugrin’s daughter will volunteered.

               We will continue to approach Redmond & Bishop Allen for volunteers. 

                   Three students (Pepito, Terrell, & Sam) who volunteered last year will volunteer this years as long as their jobs at Canadian Tire do not interfere.
•    REQUEST OF CSPC -   It is time to begin preliminary discussions with a view to prepare a Parent Handbook.
A meeting will be held on April 13  at 2:00 pm. If you are available, please contact Mrs. Ugrin

-    Smart Board to be ordered from a combination of funds and is expected to be received before June
-    Discussed getting a permanent one for the library (approx. $9,000) for next year.

Teacher Report: Ms. Policellii
-    Starting Travelling Dance workshop 

Presentation by Edge Photography: Bridget and Oxana
•    Michelle had feedback from a parent that they were unhappy, but the situation was corrected and the service received was great
•    Michael felt that packages that were offered were limited, too many pictures in the packages
•    Bridget suggested going from the green screen to traditional blue since this is what most people choose.
•    Showed a new product: Portrait book, voted to have the photobook as opposed to loose pictures
•    Can do yearbooks, provide the layout forms, Lillian proposed that at meeting on April 7th for a simple yearbook, and then have a more formal process in September.  

Treasurer Report:  Michael Bock
-    Balance $ 10,146.87
-    Emergency ski trip cheque that will be reimbursed (1,917.50)
-    Mural project has been funded thus far $1,050+ 49.58
-    Jackie purchased banner, will be stored in CSPC locker
-    Went through YTD review

EcoTeam Report:  Jackie McGrath and Carey Burleigh
•    Mural Art update - almost finished (3 more classes to go), will all be up before Spring Fling
•    March 31 – met with project manager of TCDSB and Landscape architect – will draw drawings that can be use to develop project plans.  
•    $24,000 worth of trees to be donated from Humber College- Michelle is following up to have trees planted -  which no costs should be incurred for.
•    Priority is to have the asphalt removed – requested that $40,000 be used for that purpose.  (working budget only 40K)
•    Project expected to start once school has finished, project coordinator expected to coordinate project and community partners.

Religious Celebration Report:  Tania Zoldak
-    April 12th – Helen has been working with Lillian and Hayden to coordinate

Sports and Wellness Report: Sue Italiano Robbins absent –update sent via email but moved to next meeting due to time constraint.

Revitalization Report – Claire McMullan - absent

Chair Report:  Michelle Nolden-Szarka

Michelle attended the Budget Consultation at the CEC on March 23rd.  Mismanaged money came in a misrepresentation of benefits as per the different unions.  These benefits were averaged and should have been itemized resulting in about a 12million dollar per year difference.  In addition the Province has cut funds for the next two years to the Board of 2%.  This totals roughly 35 million dollars. (Remember this is approx. 1% of entire budget)   Currently a large portion of the reduction  will be coming from the special needs allocation.  It is important to realize that the TCDSB spends the same amount of money as the TDSB on special needs resources yet we have a third of the enrollment.  Also important to remember that this money was not absconded by someone personally.  It was put back into the system and into the classrooms.  The Board is looking at this not as cuts but as reduction in places where they previously overspent.  Also important to realize that no one is in support of taking this from the backs “of our most vulnerable” and that special needs programming/ resources will continue to be a priority but that if the TCDSB does not manage this in a timely fashion the Ministry will send someone in to do it for them and that is something nobody wants.   There is no escaping that this is a tenuous time and they will be surplussing some teachers and assistant positions – This is of course the cause of anxiety for everyone.  This being said however the other portion is that why is the Ministry adding these additional cuts to the Special Education budget ($8,800 per year for 3 years).  Seems like kicking us when we’re down so to speak.    If you have concerns about these cuts/reductions we urge you to write to your Trustee AnnAndrachuk, our Superintendent of Education Doug Yack, Angela Gauthier the Director of Education and our CPIC and OAPCE reps.  Emails on projector and available via Michelle.

SARC review will take place on April 21st, 2015 at Holy Angels.  There will be a pre- meeting here at St. Leo’s on April 13th.    Michelle would like to attend the PRO GRANT writing workshop at the CEC which is the same night and would like to know who might be able to attend the April 13th meeting so that we are well represented.  We have not heard anything further re: the SARC.

Curriculum Day will be held on September 17th with an open gym from 6-7 with tutoring info, a guest speaker in the library, uniform swap, spirit wear sales, book sales, pasta form sign up, committee tables, etc.
7-7:30p.m.  Visit your child’s teacher.  7:30-8:00p.m. we all gather in the gym.   This will be the thrust of the application for the PROGRANT for 2015.  Any suggestions welcome.

We will not have to purchase a new sign as Facilities will be giving us a repurposed one for free including delivery and set up.  It is not huge but it will be perfect for the front of the old school.

As per Lillian’s report. Wireless will be set up, a projection screen bought for the library and a smart board for the primary classes.  This brings us to a great place technologically with the focus on proficiency.

Michelle checking into  www.hotlunches.net and how it works with multiple bank accounts.  Basically an online service for managing hotlunches, school trips etc…

First Draft of  new CSPC ByLaws passed around the table.  If anyone has an issue please let Michelle know.  The final document should be done by the May meeting including the election procedure.  CSPC recommends that if there is someone who knows they will not be running for Council, if at the election meeting in September they would be willing to orchestrate ballots and process.  

CSPC and Lillian trying to move funds out of the two Board accounts (Outside Agency and CSPC Board) and into our TD account so that we have better access to our own funds and do not need to constantly send cheque requisitions through Lillian.  This process is frustrating and very lengthy.

Faith Conference is May 12th.  We will be actively trying to promote it.  There will be a premeeting if anyone is interested in joining this committee.

Please help to promote the website.  It is a change for many of our parents but definitely  worth the effort.  It is updated daily.  The school calendar is now on it.  

Very excited that we have for the first time been given access to the Mimico Adult Center Playground.  Lillian will be establishing a schedule for play with the teachers.

21 new helmets and full set of road hockey sticks donated by Michelle’s neighbor Deb Burgess.  Request to Lillian that a thank you by the students be done


New Business and Discussion
-    Good to have CPIC and OAPCE come in to talk to us
Meeting Adjourned:  9:05pm

Next meeting:  May 6th at 6:30