May 10th Newsletter

Good evening parents and teachers.  A special shout out to all of the mothers at St. Leo.  Hope you all had a wonderful day and are appreciated for all that you do!  Please remember to check out for up to date info and to follow us @stleosfun


Tuesday is  our "Students Acquire the Faith Conference".  We are still looking for parent volunteers as well as a flutist or guitarist to play during personal reflection from 12:30p.m. to 1:15p.m. We are thrilled and proud to host this special event.  A special thank you to Ms Muller and Ms LeHane for going above and beyond.   Please respond to this email or if you are interested in volunteering.


Thank you to all parents who helped out with Track and Field on Thursday. Congratulations to all of our students for their effort, sportsmanship and hard work.  Next level is at Centennial park this Friday.  Please email or this email if you are interested in helping out.  


Thank you to all who helped to make Kindergarten night a success.  Pass on to friends and neighbours the wonderful things happening at St. Leo and that registration for 2015/16 is still open! 


Reminder to save the date for June 4th for our annual Spring Fling.  The theme this year is the many cultures of St. Leo.  We are looking for volunteers at every level.  All help is appreciated! Please be sure to send in any stuffies and small toys that can be used for prizes.  If you have any items or any connections to local businesses that can offer items to be put on the auction block to generate funds, please contact this email or As well if you know any artists or vendors who might be interested in renting a table to advertise or sell their wares please pass on the above emails.  Please respond to this email if you require a formal solicitation letter.  


The Kindergarten mural by the team working with Rob Matejka as well as those by each classroom under the guidance of Carey Burleigh and Jackie McGrath, will be hung on Wednesday!  We look forward to the huge improvement they will make in our play yard.  Thank you to parents who are sweeping the mulch in the Kindergarten area.  Remember many hands make light work!  


St. Leo Sponsor of the Week is the amazing Oxygen Bikes.  Huge supporters of many initiatives in our community and particularly at St. Leo, Oxygen is the place for everything bikes!  And… they have spinning classes too!


Reminder the next public SARC meeting is on May 20th.  We need you there.  The fate of our school depends on it! 


Hope that everyone has a wonderful week! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. concerns or ideas how to make our school even more awesome!

Warmest Regards,