Weekly CSPC Newsletter March 1st, 2015

Hello parents. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Please find your weekly CSPC newsletter.

As per TCDSB policy our name has changed from CSAC to CSPC (Catholic School Parent Council). Next time you are in the school check out our bulletin board in the main hall.

Please join us this Wednesday, March 4th at 6:30p.m. in the School Library for our monthly CSPC meeting.  The Agenda includes plans for the Spring Fling and discussion surrounding our new website (to be launched soon).

March 2nd is TCDSB wide Appreciation Day for School Support Staff, Educational Assistants and Child and Youth Workers.  Be sure to say a special thanks to these folks who do so much.

We are still collecting skates and helmets for our skate locker.  Please email if you need us to pick anything up.  The Wednesday March 4thskate has been postponed to March 13th. (grades 6, 7 and 8)  We are still looking for parent volunteers for that day. Happy Skating to Ms Lehane's class on Tuesday March 3rd!

Please join his Emminence Thomas Cardinal Collins - Archbishop of Toronto on Thursday March 7th at 6:30p.m.  St. Conrad School (5 Exbury Road) to celebrate Catholic Education Week.

Please feel welcome to join the Lenten mass led by Ms Spadafora's 2/3 class at 9:30a.m. on Tuesday March 3rd.

Good luck to our St. Leo Swimmers competing this weekend at Etobicoke Olympium.  Go Lions Go!

Thank you to our formidable pasta makers Carey Burleigh, Jackie McGrath and Brandi Ward!  Your efforts are so very appreciated. 

If you have special skills in a particular sport and are willing to lend some of your expertise to enhance our students athletic performance, please email and consider lending a hand to our Health and Wellness Team.   Any and all help is appreciated. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or ideas to make our school even more awesome!

Warmest Regards,  Michelle