Weekly CSPC Newsletter October 25th, 2015

Good evening parents and teachers.  It is with great excitement that I write this week's newsletter because there were so many wonderfully, fantastic things that happened at our school this last week! 

Congratulations to our most excellent Principal Mrs Ugrin for her nomination for the OAPCE Principal of Excellence Award!  We are so thrilled to have her at our helm and for the incredible change that she has made possible at our school!  Her professionalism, generosity, dedication and love for our school is an inspiration to us al!  Thank you Mrs Ugrin!!!!

WE MADE THE TCDSB WEBSITE!!!!   http://www.tcdsb.org  Check it out for great coverage on the beautiful celebration of our new Learning Garden A HUGE thank you to Carey Burleigh for her decication and hard work in making the event so special.  A big thank you to Mrs Ugrin for her enormous help in making the day a success, to Claire McMullen for her help with the reception and to all parents and teachers who sent in baked goods for the reception and helped to prepare the Garden.  It was a very proud day!

A huge thank you to all who participated in our Cleanup Drive.  Final numbers are still to be confirmed.  The winning student bringing in the most pledges will be announced tomorrow and the House with the most participants will be announced on November 3rd!  The day was a huge success and it was with great pride that we watched St. Leo students set forth into our community and make it a cleaner and more beautiful place to live!  A huge thanx to Chris Szarka, Carey Burleigh, Brandi Ward, Basia Machura and all parents and teachers who made it a success.  Particularly, a thank you to each of you for getting out there and getting pledges! 

St. Leo has talent!  Thank you to all of our young actresses who participated in the Spin Master/Fifth Ground commercial shoot.  Thank you to parent and Director Brandi Ward for facilitating such great performances.  We are thrilled to announce that $1750.00 will be donated to the school for computer technology!  

Reminder that Wednesday is pizza day and Thursday is Pasta Day.  

Friday will be a dress up day for Hallowe'en  Costumes.  Within the spirit of fun,  please no weapons, no scary blood soaked masks, age appropriate costumes; in line with our Catholic school code of conduct and student behavioural expectations.

Ms. Starr is coordinating a carved pumpkin display and parade in the gym.  Reminder of the Mimico Pumpkin Parade on November 1st.  Please bring all of your carved JackOLanterns down to Mimico Square for a truly incredible showing of pumpkins.  You won't want to miss this! It gets better and better every year! 

Mr. Hunter's grade 8 students are working on a Haunted House Maze on the stage in the school gym for Friday! 

Reminder to all  - We have students presenting with nut and egg allergies.

Please do not bring home baked goods, commercially prepared baked goods as treats for Halloween class festivities.  Pencils, stickers, and treats clearly marked "Made in a peanut free facility (peanut with a red diagonal line through it) are acceptable. 

On October 27th we will celebrate our Mass of Thanksgiving at 1:00p.m.  All parents are invited to worship and share in the many things we have to be thankful for! 

ICON homes is the developer of property on Royal York Road opposite our school parking lots.(and a generous donator to our school!) They have informed us that their construction work for the next week necessitates lane reductions on Royal York Road, in the area of both of our school parking lots.  You may wish to drop off your child on Stanley Avenue or Elizabeth Street for this week.

Please note Stanley Avenue has a bus drop off and loading zone, appropriately signed.

Next CSPC meeting is Wednesday, November 4th at 6:30p.m. in the School Library!