2018 February Minutes

CSPC Meeting

February 7, 2018

1. Speaker: Simon re: Instrumental Music Program.

-applied for a grant, pending

-if successful would receive funding for new instruments in the spring

2. Announcement: The Wizard of Oz will be performed in June by students.

3. Principals Report: see attached

4. Treasurer’s Report:

St. Leo CS

NOTE to file – 


School Block Analysis Record for School Block and CSPC Funds at Budget Control/CEC


  1. In November/December 2017, CSPC issued a cheque for $11,719.80 to St. Leo School to purchase iPads 



  1. The cheque was to have been placed in the School Block Account at Budget Control/CEC


  1. Actually, the cheque was placed in the CSPC account at Budget Control/CEC

November 30, 2017 CSPC Account Balance Budget Control/CEC $4849

December 31, 2017 CSPC Account Balance Budget Control/CEC $4849

January     30, 2017 CSPC Account Balance Budget Control/CEC $ 16, 569*


  1. Payment Funds were withdrawn in error from the school block account at Budget Control/CEC 

November 30, 2017 School Block Account Balance Budget Control/CEC $ 20,725

December 31, 2017 School Block Account Balance Budget Control/CEC $ 23, 766

January     30, 2018 School Block Account Balance Budget Control/CEC 13, 907*


  1. On Wednesday February 7th, Francisco Ferreira in Budget Control transferred funds from the CSPC account to the school block budget account to correct the error.

New Balance for CSPC Account

$ 16, 569 - $11,719.80 = $4848


New Balance for School Block Budget

$ 13, 907 + $ 11,719.80 = $24, 526

5. Discussed Parking Lot Safety Concerns: TPS Safety Officer to be contacted and invited to review safety protocols as well as enforcement of protocols.

6. Mrs. Arbour Report

-Sensory kit arrived, will present in March to CSPC

-one student is participating in swim team, one receiving 1st Communion

7. Chair Report:


  1. Thanks to Michelle for all her work in sorting out the skate locker again this year
  2. Thanks to all the parents who volunteered for Literacy day – next year we should focus on trying to get readers for the older grades 
  3. Pancake Tuesday is this coming Tuesday.  We have 2 volunteers so far.  We need about 8.  If Dorothy is helping do we need 7?  And can Stephanie engage Dorothy’s helper to support pancake Tuesday?
  4. Cold weather.  What is the temperature at which the kids don’t go outside?  There have been requests from some parents that the school gets the kids out as much as possible whenever possible.
  5. Safety concerns in the parking lot.  At an unfortunate regularity parents are leaving their cars running in the parking lot OR they are parking in precarious ways blocking people in.  We need to put together an action plan ….


  1. Royal York Football Club is donating to the auction.  He said he would love to engage with St Leos (because it is so local to them) … and suggested that if you would like RYFC to send someone (at no charge) to a couple of practices to support – please get in touch.
  2. Please note in the minutes that over the course of the month we submitted an electronic motion for $150 to cover supplies for the DJ at the auction (part of the raffle game).  The motion was approved.