2018- January meeting


Attendance: Fiona Kerr, Tania Zoldak, Stephanie Naval, Chantelle Nakhooda, Lisa Cousineau, Tonya Perry, Christina Hunter, Lillian Ugrin, Jackie MckGrath, Andrea Larsen, Kim Daniel, Anique Robitaillw-Dettbarn.

1.Opening prayer for Catholic Education

2.Mrs. Ugrin greets group and wishes Happy New Year

3.PLANNED SPEAKER LEANNE BECKWORTH. (unfortunately Leanne Beckworth did not make the meeting)


A)Expression of thanks to all CSPC, volunteers and anyone who helped with the teachers appreciation breakfast.

B)The Christmas concert went well despite the power outage and cancellation of the concert on Wednesday Dec 20/2017. Was moved to Thursday then changed to Friday. Was well received despite afternoon time slot. Kudos to Staff and directors, Mrs. Policelli and Madame Simas.

C)Kudos to Madame Rego for very successful  St. Vincent De Paul drive.( for family of 4) Extra funds raised went to purchase 4 PC cards( total value $100.00)that went to the local chapter of St Vincent De Paul in Mimico.

D)The Hockey team/Coach Vlasschaert needs more students to make up a team. A coach from Humber Hawks is very interested in helping with our hockey program.

E)Swim team coordinated by J. McGrath- from February 2 to April 29, 2018. 

F)Athletic pizza lunch was on December 22, 2017

G)Grade 8 graduation trip fundraiser going well ( popcorn and cookies). Students will be promoting Marlie’s tickets at a reduced rate for the Family Day Weekend. 

H)French immersion Open House and Classroom Presentations January 11th @6:30 pm

I)Registration for September 2018 JKSK (ENGLISH)  and JKSK (FRENCH IMMERSION) begins at 10:00 am EST  on Wednesday January 17th, 2018.

J)Evening Registration will be held on Wednesday January 24th, 2018 between 5:00pm and 8:00pm.

K)A Grade 7 student won the Catholic Register design a cover contest. Her amazing artwork will be in the magazine and will be put up in the main hallway for all to see. 

L)A big THANK YOU to Ms. Dorothy Babic of the Nutrition Program. There was a Flood (pipes burst in the servery) and a minor fire (electrical wiring) in the school. There have been workers in the school repairing the damages as well as the heating in the library and servery. Dorothy Babic was there for 8 hours that Monday cleaning and sanitizing the servers ensuring a clean environment to serve and provide the program’s snacks. This meant a snack was not provided on that Monday.  Ms Dorothy Babic will receive an honourarium for her time cleaning.  

M). There was a discussion about $13.00/hour is not going to be enough for the honourarium  in the coming year (min wage increase) and it will have to be revisited at a later date closer to September. 

N) Our student population is 337.  Thursday, January 11/ 2018 there will be 338 as a new student is expected. 

O) Safety in the school yard: Students have been told that the rocks in the learning garden are off limits due to slippery conditions.

P) Budget – CSPC account balances as of December 31, 2017 were as follows:

TD account - $23,351.16
TCDSB CSPC Account - $16,569
CSPC Outside Agency Account - $697 

Financial Donation of $11,720 from CSPC for purchases made since last meeting:

  1. Mini Ipads
  2. Covers for Mini Ipads
  3. Tech Tubs

Q) Academic Update:After school tutoring program February 19 to April 28,2018

Grade 3, Grade 6 – Literacy & Numeracy

R)Multiple Exceptionality Classroom had a delivery of new therapy items that they will use to help with everyday life. These new supplies (weighted blankets etc.) were funded by TCDSB Peter Stachiw Autism Coordinator.

S) Health and Safety: Salting and shoveling in the school yard

-Disabled Parking space has been designated. New signage to come as they are faded badly. 

T) Community Action-Me to We students are collecting plastic milk bags; which may be used to make plastic mattresses in underdeveloped countries.

-Mitten, hats and scarf tree- the many accessories collected were taken to a local women’s shelter. 

U) Liturgical Update

-(a) Next Mass will be held in the school gym Wednesday January 17, 2018 at 1:00pm. All are Welcome!!

-(b)Father Frank’s communication will be sent home regarding First Communion and Confirmation. It is mandatory that All families register ASAP with him.as Grade 2 Communion is Sunday May 6th @11:30am Mass, and Grade 7 Confirmation is on Sunday April 15th @3:00pm

V) Athletics and Clubs

(a)Caribou Math, Gauss Math ongoing. Several students received certificates of achievement!

(b)Skating at Mimico Arena starting late January/February

(c)Basketball- boys February 21st, Girls February 22nd.


-Carnaval week of January 22nd to 26th.

-Instrumental Music Performance – January 24th at 1:30pm in the gym.

-Athletics Soccer –boys January 30th, Girls January 31st.

        -Looking Ahead: Black History Month Activity with Arts Express- January 9th

-Achievement Reports issued to students February 13th

-Carnaval Activity French Café &Pancake Tuesday/Mardi Gras February 13th (pancakes will          

                  replace the nutritional program’s snack for that day!)

-Parent Teacher Interviews- February 12/14 TBA & February 15th

-Book Fair – February 12th-16th

-Family Day Weekend – February 19th

-Virtue and Awards Assembly- February 1, 2018@1:00pm

(x)Follow-up-as requested from December CSPC meeting- Family Literacy Day –Monday January 29th. Volunteers still needed. Fiona reported that a lot of volunteers have come forward but still need volunteers for older grades.

(y)Request of CSAC- 

1.Monday January 22, 2018, - it has been requested that a CSPC rep to attend a Staff Meeting to update staff on Auction and the Musical Presentation Spring 2018.

2.Safe Schools Plan- parent input needed

3. Parent volunteers to read in classrooms on National Literacy Day.

5. Teacher Report

-Soccer grades 4,5,6. January 30 (boys), January 31st (girls)

-The Hockey Team needs more players to make a team. Discussion about asking St. Louis CS to join us and if they join – how much $ should we ask them to help with ice fee’s? CSPC had previously approved $500.00 but the fees have gone up to approx $650.00 so hopefully St. Louis could pay the $150.00 not covered.

-Skating at Mimico Arena schedule to come.

-This year the yearbook is on another platform. Mme. Hunter requests feedback about last year’s yearbook and welcomes any pics from families and teachers.

6.Financial Report

-Talked about dance-a-thon expenses

-no action on outside account

-noted the misunderstanding with T.Litzen billing. Will report if money returned next meeting.

-will report next meeting on the end result of the hockey ice fee situation. (see Teacher Report re: hockey team)

7.Chair Report

-The teacher appreciation breakfast on December 19th was well attended by both teachers and volunteers. Thanks to all who helped.

-Tania has sent out individualized expense sheets to the teachers so they can now submit their expenses.

-The spirit wear issue was resolved and all goods were received and delivered to students prior to  Christmas. His invoice will be forthcoming.

--Great team work for the cancelling and rescheduling of the primary grades Christmas Concert.  The money was returned to the families the next day for the pizza. Unfortunately in the confusion the pizza was rescheduled to Thursday and not rescheduled to Friday when changed. The pizza was delivered. Il Padre agreed for us to cover his costs only and was paid $80.00

A motion was put forth to have that $80.00 covered by CSPC. It was approved.

8.Other Matters

-Basketball nets- Mr. V has 3 new nets left. Agreed that we should take the nets from gym and put those outside, and put new nets up in gym.


-Discussion about if we should look into more durable nets for outside nets as they need to be replaced numerous times/year. Possibly chain nets? Tania to ask T.Lizten if they have any alternatives.


-Mrs . Ugrin will connect with Arts Express to figure out when and what needs to be done to start our Theatre program.

-Discussion about future school activities to be recorded by a videographer. This would be a fundraising opportunity as we could sell the copies to parents. This also alleviates the problem of parents blocking audience taking pictures. 

-Discussion of the Christmas Concert finale and how great it was. Maybe should revisit the order of classes (e.g. Putting kinder classes at end so more people stay until the end of the night)  as well as possibly having a rehearsal in the afternoon so parents who cannot come to evening can come and see their child then. 

9.-New School –

-J. McGrath reported on the lack of information despite frequent requests of communication. J.McGrath was told that they will be prepared to meet with us in February.. We were promised a meeting Oct/Nov which did not happen. It was suggested that CSPC  write to the contact we have to request a meeting UPDATE - January 11th @ 1pm there is an (uncoirmed)  Architect coming for a walk around on site.

10. Kim Daniel Report- Mrs Arbour

-Mrs. Arbour reported that the class was very excited for the invite but no one has signed up for swimming.

-CSPC to ask Ms. Arbour to open a meeting in the future to show us and explain the new items that were just shipped. 

11.Items to be revisited next meeting

1. Videographer for future school performances/ceremonies. 

2.Arts Express details for the Theatre program. (Mrs. Ugrin)

3.Mme. Hunter to report circumstances around the hockey ice fees. (whether or not a team was merged with St. Louis and if the fees were topped up by them)

4.September: Discussion about wage increase for honorarium (Nutritional program)

5. September: discussion about changing order of Christmas concert.


Next CSPC meeting date: Wednesday February 10/2018 at 6:30pm in the library. Guest Speaker Simon Arruda, Instrumental Music Teacher.