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St Leo CSPC Minutes October 4, 2017


Kim Daniel, Tonya Perri, Brandi Ward, Stephanie Naval, Linsey Raposo, Kristi Gordon, Michelle Nolden-Szarka    

Voting Members: Fiona Kerr- Chair, Jackie McGrath- Co Chair, Tania Zoldak- Treasurer (absent), Carey Burleigh-Secretary, Anique Robitaille-Dettbarn- Parent Rep(absent), Kim Daniel- Parent Rep, Stephanie Naval- Parent Rep.

Supporting Members- Lillian Ugrin, Principal, Christina Hunter- Teacher Rep

1. Approval of Agenda- Fiona, Jackie

2. Approval of Minutes- Fiona, Jackie

3. Attendance- See names above

4. Arts Express Presentation:

Danelle presented programs offered for in school and after school programming for grades 1-6. 

Scheduled to work with St. Leo grade 8 students on photography project.

Booked for Feb 2018 for Black History Month workshop.

Council to consider partnership with Arts Express to create theatrical performance with St. Leo’s students. 

5.Principals Report:

Reviewed Curriculum Night vendors

Two new teachers have been assigned

Reviewed facilities report
Cookie Dough sale begins

New Cloud Books have arrived

Will fundraise for Mexico Relief

Will purchase additional basketball netting

Reviewed EQAO 2016 results

7. Next Meeting November 1, 2017


St Leo CSPC Minutes September 20, 2017


Kim Daniel, Kathleen Santiago, Shayne Henderson, Rebecca Hemsley, Andrea Larsen, Tonya Perri, Brandi Ward, Chantelle Nakhooda, Stephanie Naval, Monique Beechey, Anique Robitaille-Dettbarn, Linsey Raposo, Bibiana Tabon, Mr. and Mrs. Aguila    

Voting Members: Fiona Kerr- Chair, Jackie McGrath- Co Chair, Tania Zoldak- Treasurer, Carey Burleigh-Secretary, Anique Robitaille-Dettbarn- Parent Rep, Kim Daniel- Parent Rep, Stephanie Naval- Parent Rep.

Supporting Members- Lillian Ugrin, Principal, Christina Hunter- Teacher Rep

1. Approval of Agenda- Deferred- First meeting

2. Approval of Minutes-Deferred- First meeting

3. Attendance- See names above. Welcome New Parents!

4. Lakeshore Arts Presentation: 

Alassandra and Tom presented both in school and on site programming: Offering a six day program with St. Leo Gr 8 students, focusing on photography and spoken word.

Presented information regarding PA Day camps and free drop in programming. 

Invited to attend Curriculum Night on Oct 5th. 

5. Principals Report: 

Current enrollment 331

Currently fully staffed, but will be working to reorganize classrooms to obtain appropriate class sizes. 

Will approach Mrs. Di Nanno re: student rep.

Will Provide Mrs. Shanahan’s address

$2 agreed upon for civies day.

6. Treasurer's Report: 

See attached for additional events and facilities update.

Cash online in service in October for parent

7. Next meeting October 4, 2017 (First Wednesday of each month)

Meeting Adjourned

St Leo CSPC Minutes March 1, 2017

Attendance: Carey Burleigh, Jackie McGrath, Stephanie Naval,

Kim Daniel, Tania Zoldak, Lucy Dorgan, Christina Hunter, Lillian Ugrin, Fiona Kerr

1.     Math and Memory Presentation

2.     Student Update, Ronan Cantlon (see attached)

3.     Principal's Report Highlights(see attached for additional information)

a.     2017 enrollment: 3 french/1 english kindergarten, will be adding grade 3 french

b.     Building Committee , Lillian asked those involved in SARC Committee to participate in committee, there will be an opportunity to invite parents from greater school community as planning process continues.

c.     Paul Davis (Cyber Bullying/Internet safety presentation to students and parent) confurmed for May 24 grades 4-8 and June 19 presentation to parents.

·       Motion passed for CSPC to pay $550 rather than the prior amount approved for $450.

4.     Teacher's report

a.     Requesting suggestions for 2017 Yearbook

5.     Treasure's report

a.     Reviewed:

1.     2017 Budget Commitments

2.     Financial statement for February 2017

3.     Silent Auction profits

6.     Chair Report (see attached)

7.     Eco Committee

a.     All agreed to apply for 2017 Humber PODS gardens project

b.     Ms. Hunter will inquire to teachers if there are classrooms that would like to garden in tree planters again this spring.

c.     Ms. Ugrin asked that plants be replaced in the front planter box as most plants are damaged/ need replacement.

CSPC Minutes February 8, 2017


Attendance: Carey Burleigh, Lillian Ugrin, Fiona Kerr, Christina Hunter, Michelle Szarka, Mary Jo Ducet,

Brandi Ward, Kim Daniel, Jackie McGrath, Anique Robitaille, Clare McMullen, Andrea Larsen

1. Presentation from Wiz Kids Coding

2. Reviewed Auction Items

3. Principal’s Report-Highlights

a. Nutrition Program now running

b. Reviewed Carnival Events

c. National Literacy Day took place, Ann Andruchuk read to students

d. French Immersion Open House took place

e. Basketball: Ms. Lehane is coaching running practices

f. Angel Foundation Fundraiser: Ms. Arbour Feb 18 th

g. Hockey Team: Mr. Vlaschart is coaching, looking to enroll in tournament, $650 to do so,

CSPC confirmed $500

h. Swim Team continues

i. Review physical plant repairs

j. Reviewed outcomes of

k. March 3: Grad Photos SK/grade 8

l. April Meeting Board plans to attend to discuss new school build plans

4. Chair Report

a. Volunteers Needed for Shrove Tuesday, Feb 28 th

b. Volunteer’s needed for Book Fair March 6 th

c. Anti-Bullying Training for Students and Parents May 10th: Cost $900. Lillian to pay half,

MOTION PASSED for CSPC to pay remaining cost of $450.

d. Reviewed Account Balances

Silent Auction: February 11, 2017


December 6th CSPC Meeting Agenda

Prayer – Ronan Cantlon

Student Report – Ronan Cantlon

Remembrance Day ceremony

8th and 9th they had there 2nd volleyball tournament

Sad Monster presentation and Star Wars presentation with the screen writer hugely popular

Rosary Event

Skills Canada spoke with 7 and 8’s

Advent Celebration Dec 5th

Boys basket ball is on Wednesday and Fridays

Principal Report – Lillian Ugrin

Advent Celebration 396 people attended

Thanked everyone who pitched in and helped

Physical Plant had some repairs like the plumbing

Financial Report

Math 3 Part lessons and Geometry is the focus in February, the Math Event will be in February some time

Safe School Entry and Exit Procedures

Mitten Tree going to women shelter

Movie Fundraiser for our school in Honduras

Father Frank will send out First Communion in January and for Confirmation

Inter boys and girls finished second in volleyball

Junior Soccer started

Children’s Choirsinging 11:30 this Sunday

Ugly Sweater Dec 23rd

Senior Centre Dec 15th

Jan 11 Immersion Open House

JK Registration Jan 18th

Ski Trip in January

Request for Family Literacy Night looking for parent volunteers the last Monday of Jan 30th in the am. Bring in your favorite book to read aloud to a class

New French Teacher starts in January

Phys Ed teacher starting next week

Music teacher starting Dec 9th

Teacher Report – Christina Hunter

Grade 1’s went to the police college

Prep has started for Carnivale, one special French event each week in February

Hockey Game Teachers vs Grade 8 (full school to be supervising) Feb 6th

Bilingual presentation Jk-GR 4 (Feb 13th)

Mardi Gras with pancakes (need volunteers for 9am-noon) Feb 28th

Half Day Play Day Friday Feb 24th

CSPC Minutes November 2, 2016


Approval of October Minutes:  Approved


                  Carey Burleigh, Stephanie Naval, Deirdre Arbour, Christina Hunter, Fiona Kerr, Anique Robitaille, Michelle Szarka, Kim Daniel, Mary Clare Stella, Lillian Ugrin

1.     Presentation of the Jean Augustine Centre (after school programs and summer camps for girls)

- Emma Asiedu-Akrofi, Executive Director for list of free programing

2.     Presentation of Smart Board technology by Ms. Arbour

3.     Principal's Report (see attached)

4.     Teacher's Report by Ms. Hunter

-Working on Christmas production to be held December 6th 5:30pm-7:oopm at St. Leo's church grades 1-3

-Cross country finals

-Volleyball boys-undefeated thus far, tournament scheduled for Nov 8-9

5.     Clean up Drive 2016

-$60 gift card for student turning in the most money

-$60 gift card for student turning in the most pledges

-$2300 total raised with two days to turn in additional pledges

       $2300 Raised-$100 Expenses= about $2200.00

6.     Grade 6 parent has organized Pizza Day Wednesdays with Il Padre's pizza.

7.     Teacher Appreciation Breakfast December 21st

8.     Committee's are asked to please review the CSPC website and update with current information, please turn in to Mary Clare Stella

9.     Budget (please see attached)

-$38, 688.35

-each committee turned in estimated budgets for 2016/2017

10.  Silent Auction: February 11, 2017







Chair Report – Fiona Kerr
OAPCE update (LAP, LAPP)

Special Needs Representation

Kym Daniels has volunteered to work with ME classes and EA’s to raise issues for students with Spec Ed Needs and deliver their concerns or needs to the CSAC. Ms. Arbor would like to be a part of the Planning Committee for the new building for accessibility purposes for her students.


Teacher Appreciation Breakfast new people are volunteering to help out that morning.

Please send Fiona your food donation for her spreadsheet, Dec 21st

Lillian was to check on the status of the Haiti Relief cheque that Fiona had donate


Paperless Woes: some parents are not receiving their hand outs at home

Lillian has compiled a list of 30 email addresses that are bouncing back and will ask those parents to send her an email to make sure

Can we ask MC to upload the handouts onto the website?

How can we encourage parents to go to the website?

Can teachers use apps to remind their parents about upcoming events? Direct notifications that inform parents to go to the website.

Discussed that we cannot ask each teacher use an app. Maybe best for only JK-Grade 5 teachers as opposed to a school wide suggestion


Presented the draft long term program plan document

There is a survey that will be shared on the website. In February they are finalizing the report so they would like parents to fill out the survey as a consultancy survey. Their goal is to raise French Immersion.

The meeting was contentious because some parents were angry that their feedback was not taken into account. Asking why they would provide Immersion Programming instead of repairing school that needed repairing or that they wanted STEM programming instead. Parents were saying that they were not consulted.

How do you ensure focus and equal attention to Immersion and Core students? How do we service both demographics with equality? They did not yet have best practices.

Seemed like the TCDSB was trying to keep up with the Immersion Programming of the TDSB without having the same student populations. Fiona would like us to fill out the survey. The leaders of the OAPSI felt that they were losing kids to French Immersion to the TDSB.

Tania raises a comment about the survey questions being misleading and information being missing from the Long Term Program Plan. Elementary Panel and a Secondary Panel found on the splash page on the TCDSB website. There is a Town Hall Recorded on Nov 24th.

Late start for secondary and year round for elementary schools but these recommendations are not in the reports at all. The questions are in the survey but no information in the Long Term Program Plan. Looking at building another secondary school in South Etobicoke. There is specialized Sports Program. A Robotics Centre. Reggio Programming the Railway Lands School.


Treasurer’s Report

Bank Statement


Boundary Review – Michelle Nolden-Szarka/Lillian


Boundary Review Meeting will be at Christ the King on Dec 13th will be public and there will be a report released afterwards. Looking to move west to take some of St Theresa’s students.


New Motions/Carry-over motions


Auction Feb 11th Maple Leaf House

Next Meeting Weds CSAC Feb 1st

January 17th Meeting for the Auction at Michelle’s House

Need to purchase table cloths, lamps, food, approve $1000

Approved the expense because we had quorum

Committee Updates



Sports and Wellness

Swim team discussion about sharing pool time with St. Theresa, Christ the King and how the coaching would be shared. Jackie to contact stakeholders and coaches regarding numbers of swimmers and discuss coaching strategies


Religious Celebration and Sacrament Committee

Father Frank to send home more information on First Communion and Confirmation in January


Eco Team


New Business/ Questions

Nutrition Program Report:

No coordinator has come forward

Discussed who we could hire to do the job.

Could it be a team of volunteers?

Could it be a student? Michelle will reach out the Humber for volunteers

Brandi has a niece in a Master’s Program for Nutrition. Can we be their Practicum for the Master’s Students?

There is an in-service how what to serve and how to plan the snacks

Brandi raises the concern that there are still kids who are coming to school without breakfast or lunch.

What is the plan for students who are coming to school hungry? Open fridge policy? Brandi has volunteered to shop and stock the fridge and would be reimbursed.

Open fridge policy for perishables. Mlle. Hunter, Mrs. Ugrin and Brandi to meet and plan out the Open Fridge Program

Advisory for Safe Schools Meets 4 times a year lead by a Superintendent

Public Health, Mental Health, review and make recommendations on safe school policies

Launching an app in 4 schools to anonymously make reports, you can film, record and send to a principal and you will receive a phone call

For example, if you are on transit and you identify risky behavior, guns, knives, bullying by someone with a TCDSB uniform you can send reports. Meant to be a tool to prevent bullying and any inappropriate behavior.  

It is visible on the TCDSB website

Meeting Ends


October 12, 2016

Welcome to new parents, Paulina and Stephanie.

Principal Report:

-Allocation of teachers:

            -French/Music will receive a teacher in 1-2 weeks

            -Instrumental Music teacher at school currently

-Lights were fixed in horseshoe hallway

-Staff in service completed

            -Safety in kindergarten yard

            -lock down procedures-four this year

            -fire safety

            -school improvement team, focus on math

-Claire McMullen resigning from nutrition program, Lillian looking for replacement

-October 17, 2016 Photo Day

-November 2, 2016 Clean up Drive

-Request for CSPC and school to partner in Haiti relief

            -$2 to wear Blue Jays gear on Friday October 14th.

            -CSPC agrees to motioned to match donations brought in by students APPROVED by


            -Lillian and Fiona to write a letter to be sent home to parents


Teacher Report: Ms. Hunter

-Students competed in Cross Country meet, two students are moving on to meet on Oct 21

-Volleyball beginning

-Basketball beginning, parents volunteers needed.

-Discussion held regarding recruiting parents for sports and other volunteer initiatives, Fiona to write email to parents to clarify time commitment with regards to each call for volunteering in an effort to make volunteering more feasible to parents.


Chair Report:

-Ten students volunteered to provide childcare during curriculum nights. Motion APPROVED for CSPC to give $150 to match Lillian for gift cards as payment for services provided by students.

-November 2 Clean up Drive

            -short of about five volunteers, Fiona to put a call out in newsletter asking for parents to            volunteer from 930-1030am.

-Gloves/Garbage bags needed. Brandi to reach out to Councillor Grimes office to ask fordonation.

-Motion APPROVED for $200 for supplies if donations cannot be secured.

-Reported that Michelle is planning on delegating to the board in November to thank board members for working with CSPC in obtaining a new school.

-Motion APPROVED for $150 to reimburse Michelle for purchase of coffee urns/coffee.

-June 8, 2017 Spring Fling

-Auction date: February 4th or February 11, 2017

-Dance a thon: April 21 or April 28, 2017. Jasmine Denham from The Stop agreed to host at no cost. Carey to follow up regarding dates.

-OAPCE discussed: Bylaws state a member must attend OAPCE meetings, and each CSPC to have a voting member with an interest in special needs.  Not having such a voting member, St Leo’s keeps a focus on children with special needs as well as all children from difference cultural backgrounds, OAPCE aware these needs are discussed during monthly meetings.

 Reviewed Committees

1.     Sports and Wellness

2.     Eco Committee

3.     Religious Celebrations and Social Committee

4.     Heritage Committee

-Reviewed request from parents regarding daily announcement made to recognize St. Leo being on First Nation lands.

-Paulina discussed ideas to bring cultural and historical programs into school

-will present more comprehensive list/budget to November meeting

       5. Anniversary Committee

-Brandi discussed idea to produce a play celebration history of school in lieu of Spring      Concert in June.

**All Committee Members, please bring approximate budgets to November meeting.


Additional Notes:

-Concern raised regarding occupancy of Kindergarten yard. Currently there are 90 children playing in the designated area at each recess. A request was made to Lillian to investigate occupancy limit for the fenced play area.

            1. Possible staggered recess?

            2. Rotate taking a group to an alternate play area?

-Pizza Day: Currently no volunteers to run pizza day. Perhaps a call for volunteers to run program for one month at a time may recruit volunteers. 






















St Leo School Staff    Parents
Lillian Ugrin    Principal    Michelle Nolden-Szarka     CSPC Chair
        Carey Burleigh    CSPC Vice Chair
        Tania Zoldak    CSPC Treasurer
        Fiona Kerr    CSPC Secretary
        Jackie McGrath    Parent Rep
        Claire McMullan    Parent
        Brandi Ward    Community Rep

Dear Lord.  We thank you for the many blessings that you have bestowed on our school community this year.  We thank you for giving us the courage and strength to make our ideas a reality and for the grace of rising above criticism to create a positive tide of change.

We thank you for the love of our children and families and for charitable hearts for those among us who might be struggling or facing challenges, and the character to be fair and consistent leaders.

While the jobs and commitments have been many, please help us to remember that the reason we do it is for our children and our community.  Let us know in our hearts that the validation and accolades come in knowing that we have served you and that we have been examples for our children of what it means to be contributing parents and Christians.

Dear Lord please bless us as we head into these summer months.  May you keep our children and families safe and healthy and may we all leave today with joy and pride in our hearts for a year well done!

We ask this in your name.  St Leo pray for us.

No update in June

Good News at
St. Leo CS
    Acknowledgements/Information to Know (since May 4th meeting):
•    Spring Fling – THANK YOU for ALL YOUR EFFORTS to support our school! An amazing group of parents committed to their students educational well-being. A very successful event for our school community! Volunteers/Parents/ Intermediate Students/ Alumni-students
•    Gardening Ambassador Meeting every Wednesday with C. Burleigh
•    May – First Communion
•    May Virtue Assembly Grade 1 Class, Crowning of Mary
•    May Asian Heritage Month, Carlos Bulosan Theatre Presentation
•    Math Gallery Walk, Probability Problems
•    Dance Workshop Presentations, Grades 1 – 8
•    Shazzaam Photography & Literacy Workshops  Grades 7 & 8
•    Track & Field Meets at Centennial
•    Communicating with Teens Workshop
•    Wellness Days for ALL – JK to Grade 8
•    School Crest – FAITH KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITY/ Artist Chris Bovenizer
•    In June:  Intermediate Boys & Girls Soccer
•    Me To We Assembly – Kiss the Fish – Change $ for Change $
•    Freezee Sales by Me to WE Leaders
•    Invictus Games – Awareness Assembly looking ahead to Sept 2017
•    Spring Fling – 5th Annual Event
•    Year End Mass celebrated with Father Frank
•    Spring Concert featured students in Grades 3 / 4 to 8
Liturgical    •    Year End Mass was Celebrated on June 13th and organized by Grade 1 and Grade 8 students/teachers
Academics    •    Provincial Assessment EQAO & CAT/4: cancelled
•    Student Achievement Reports: 
•    JKSK will include a religion comment and no check marks will be included to determine the progress of your child related to the curriculum.
•    Grades 1 to 8 will receive a full grade for all appropriate strands and subject areas as well as a Religion/Family Life comment. No other subject comments on your child’s learning skills achievement will be recorded on the report card.
•    Teacher will not sign report card, however, the school principal will continue to attach their signature as usual after his/her final review.
September 2016
Registration Update    •    English Stream      JK/SK  24
•    French Immersion JK/SK  60
•    French Immersion Grade 1/2, two classes: 13/6 and 14/6
Financial Report     As of May 31, 2016:
•    CSPC Account at the Board:                       $ 4581.00
•    Outside Agency Account:                                $ 96.00
•    School Block Budget:                              *$ 10,172.00  
*Includes funds received to support the addition of 2 FI classes at the Grade 1/2 level
Physical Plant    New tiles installed in Room 211
Academic Report    •    Math Gallery Walk: Probability Questions at each Grade level with presentation of solutions
•    Primary & Junior Teachers meeting on May 24th with Math Resource Teacher. Discussion: Next year continuity with our initiative.
•    Our school focus has been problem solving skills using math journals, group work and bansho strategies for students to discuss their thinking, illustrate their work (primary grades) and demonstrate their solutions of word problems via math literacy strategies in math journals.
•    Numeracy Focus: Math Talk – A math talk community is one in which “students are encouraged to ask questions and to explain their thinking.  In this way, students become sources of mathematical ideas” Sherrin (2004)
•    Student questioning and explaining are important for developing and consolidating students’ thinking and understanding.
•    Students comparing and connecting their ideas and strategies with those of other students
Goals:  Students to share thinking aloud solving a math problem.
            Students to practise sharing their reasoning with   
Safe Schools    •    We continue to be vigilant during the warm summer weather.
•    Visitors are required to buzz into the school office to gain entry.
•    Staff advised to not allow visitors to “piggy back” into the school with them.
•    Students do not allow entry visitors!
Special Education    •    The Initial IPRC process – Identification & Placement Meeting
•    New admits to St. Leo CS - What happens in September?

Enrichment Programming
2015 - 2016    •    Cultural Awareness: Asian Heritage Month, Carnaval & French Cafe
•    Academics: Mathematics Gallery Walk, Chess, 100th Day of School
•    Education Week Activities – a variety of activities.  
•    Music: Markus, Mariposa in the Schools, Instrumental Music Festival, Christmas and Spring Concerts, Talent Show
•    The Arts:  Dance, Photography, Ballet Creole, 
•    Literacy: Shazzaam Graphic Novel Project
•    Liturgical:  Annual Student Faith Conference
•    Technology Careers:  Intermediates visited R I M in Kitchener
•    Science:  Scientist in the School Program
•    Athletics: Tennis Workshops, Ski Excursion, Skating, Special Olympics and Bowling for M E Students, Swim to Survive,
•    Environmental Awareness:  Earth Day Assembly, Annual Community Cleanup,
•    Social Justice:  Invictus Games, Autism Awareness,
•    Personal Safety Awareness workshops with Officer Rich
•    Toronto Police College visit by Grade 1 and Grade 2 students
•    Wellness Days, WAY workshops, Mindfulness Meditation, Dental Health with Dr. Max,
•    Supporting Student Wellness – Nutrition Program: Morning Meal with Claire McMullan et al
In School Clubs    •    Caribou Math Contest continued
Athletics    NEXT:
•    Athletics Rep meeting in September.
•    St. Leo CS will sign up for a variety of sports.
June 2016     Ms. Jachyra, Mr. Sarabia, Mr. Punter, Mr.Sgambelluri, Ms. Cugliari, Mrs. Fazari,
New Additions to Staffing    Open Position:  Grade 1/2 French Immersion
Open Position:  FIELP  French Immersion Early Learning Program JKSK


For September 2016    ELP JK SK English Mrs. Weiss
Grade 1/2     Ms. Mullin
Grade 2        Mrs. Turczyn
Grade 3/4     Ms. Jachyra
Grade 4/5     Mrs. Policelli
Grade 5/6     Mrs. Figueiredo
Grade 6/7     Ms. Lehane
Grade 8        Mrs. Damario (AM) /Ms. Piwowarek (PM)

FIELP JK SK                           Madame Campeau
FIELP JK SK                           Open Position
Grade 1/2 French Immersion  Madame Hunter
Grade 1/2 French Immersion  Open Position

FSL French as a Second Language   Madame Simas

ESL                                                             Ms. Piwowarek (AM)
Special Education                                       Mrs. Orr
Multiple Exceptionality Program Classes    Ms. Arbour, Mrs. Park
Instrumental Music                                      Mrs. Kotliarenko
Vocal Music                                                 Ms. Forma
Physical Education                                      Mr. Vlasschaert
June 20 - June 29    June 20 – Seminarian John Sutka visits classes
June 21 – SK Graduation Day
June 22 – Primary Play Day
June 23 – Virtue & Awards Assembly at 1:00 pm
June 24 – Grade 8 Graduation Luncheon, Civies Day,
June 27 – Grade 8 Graduation Mass at 6:30 pm, St. Leo Church
                 Grade 8 Graduation Awards at 7:45 pm, School Gym
                 Grade 8 Graduation Reception at 8:30 pm, School
June 28 – Student Achievement Reports issued to students
June 29 – Wear RED and WHITE DAY
                 O Canada at 9:30 am Singing in School Yard
                 Canada Day photo at 9:45 am in School Yard
                 Last Day of Classes, Dismissal at 3:30 pm

Monday August 29, 2016 – School Office opens at 8:30 am

Looking Ahead
September 2016    
June 2017    September  6, 2016       First Day of a new school year
September 14, 2016      First CSPC meeting
September 29, 2016      TENTATIVE: Curriculum Evening

October 7, 2016             P A DAY
October 17, 2016           School Photos
October 19, 2016           Me To We Day: Student Leadership

November 17, 2016       Parent Teacher Interviews
November 18, 2016       P A DAY

December 2, 2016         P A DAY
December 8, 2016         TENTATIVE Community Advent Mass
December 18, 2016       TENTATIVE: Advent Celebration with  
                                       Mrs. Shaw
December 26 to January 6   Christmas Break

January 20, 2017           P A DAY
February 16, 2017         Parent Teacher Interviews
February 17, 2017         P A DAY
February 20, 2017         Family Day

March 13 – 17, 2017     March Break

April 14, 2017                Good Friday
April 17, 2017                Easter Monday

May 1 – 4, 2017,           Education Week

June 9, 2017                 P A DAY
June 29, 2017               Last Day of Classes
June 30, 2017               P A DAY
Considerations for Next Academic Year    1.    Academics  - Mathematics
2.    Pastoral Plan – Together with One Voice: The Parish
3.    Arts – Drama – Dance
4.    Technology
5.    Student Leadership & Wellness
Request of CSPC    Madame Hunter: Confirm SK grad: CSPC will purchase Cake, Juice, water bottles, and paper plates/napkins/forks

Items for follow-up after the May 4th meeting:
H. Punter    Graduation Planning:  $500.00
L. Turczyn    First Communion: $250.00
C. McMullan    Nutrition Program/Morning Meal: $500.00
C. Hunter     Cross Country/Track & Field busses: $750.00
CSPC    Healthy Snacks for students at Track & Field Meet: $100.00
No update in June
2016 Report Card:

2015/16 has been an exciting year at St. Leo’s with only more good things to come. Please know that as your Council, we aim to offer inclusive and fun ways for you to get involved in your children’s education while improving our school environment. While CSPC is about more than just fundraising, these dollars do make a difference in the lives of each of our students. A special thank you to all parents and families who have offered support and to those of you who have volunteered time to make these events and initiatives happen. Please find a few of the ways this money is being spent. If you have any questions regarding allotment of CSPC funds, transparency or ways we can improve, please email

•    Between the Board, School and CSPC funds, all classrooms are now very close to being technologically current (new ipads, new laptops, working desktops, ipad charging stations and smart boards). 
•    CSPC has funded new athletic and gym equipment including a new scoreboard.  
•    CSPC has funded $400.00 to every teacher for upgrades in their classroom and the cost of one bus for a school trip. 
•    CSPC continues to improve upon our outdoor classroom with a blackboard, shade cover, food and flower plantings, new garden beds and tools for a greener St. Leo. 
•    CSPC has paid for performing arts performances for the cultural benefit of all students.
•    CSPC supplemented the cost of the Nutrition program in support of healthy bodies and minds.
•    CSPC has supplemented funding for swim team and track and field, with additional funds for the Sport and Wellness Committee to improve athletic participation and performance. 
•    CSPC has designated funds to supplement celebrations for religious sacraments and graduations as well as in school religious retreats.
•    CSPC has provided a Staff Appreciation Breakfast, and supplemented funds for Carnivale and Pancake Tuesday. 
•    CSPC continues to update the skate locker so that all students have the opportunity to learn to skate. 
•    CSPC donated money to the Syrian Refugee Committee.
•    CSPC organized a community carousel and funded a parent guest speaker at the Curriculum Night.
•    CSPC has purchased core items such as tables, awnings, volunteer aprons and hats that are used by the students at sporting events and at our major fundraisers. 

$300 for tools for caretakers – approved
No update in June
•    Kids are invested and engaged in the gardens which had a domino effect on the teachers’ enthusiasm.  All is going/growing well.
•    The schedule for the summer is in place.  Carey will revisit the double watering requirement for the summer and let the volunteers know.

•    CSPC is thinking about putting more of an emphasis on sports next year.
•    We will need to re-evaluate hockey in September once we know what teachers will be available.  We will also need to engage some parents.

•    Brandi noted it was another successful year with sponsors.  Sponsors are happy.  However there are likely latent opportunities for both the sponsors to make the most of their sponsorship (opportunities to bring more business in by optimizing the use of their sponsorship) and for us to collect more sponsors in the future.  The more people soliciting sponsors in the future – the better.

•    The nutrition program will likely needs some support from CSPC for next year.
•    Claire is considering holding a dance/fundraiser for the older kids in the fall, to fund their use of the food program given these grades don’t contribute much to the costs of the program.

•    Carey shared information about a school in Honduras which could be an opportunity for the St Leo community to support next year.  The school is set up to train students for the hospitality industry.  The school is lacking in most things and any support would be useful.
•    Tania noted that in Canada there are also a number of impoverished schools (northern native schools for instance) so we could additionally look at needs here when considering donation potentials in the future.
Next Meeting: Wednesday September 14th at 6:30 pm in the Library
See you there!

CSPC April Meeting
St Leo School Staff    Parents
Lillian Ugrin    Principal    Michelle Nolden-Szarka     CSPC Chair
Christina Hunter     Teacher    Carey Burleigh    CSPC Vice Chair
        Fiona Kerr    CSPC Secretary
        Jackie McGrath    Parent Rep
        Lucy Dorgan    Parent Rep
        Brandi Ward    Community Rep
        Ortenca Binjaku    Parent Rep
        Anna Lamond    Parent

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

SPECIAL GUEST – Richard Kim (re: Spirit Wear)
•    Richard Kim joined the CSPC meeting to share with us the spirit wear his company can provide.
•    A website would be built for St Leo’s spirit wear.  His team bears the cost of setting up and running the website.
•    The school can decide what items to offer – thereby deciding the price points and the possible margins.  Mr. Kim’s margins are built into the costs to us.
→Note that decisions for Spirit Wear do not go through CSPC.  Decisions for and profits from spirit wear go through Mrs. Ugrin.
•    Mrs. Ugrin suggests setting up a stand in the library at Curriculum Night (September 29th 6 – 8pm) where parents can become familiar with items and place orders if they choose.  Parent volunteers will be required that night.

•    St. Leo's school celebrated Earth Hour on March 11 by shutting off all electricity for one hour. We hope that this will help to save the environment one school at a time.  
•    On March 17 we were allowed to wear green clothes for Saint Patrick's Day and we also played "Lucky Leprechaun bingo".
•    The school went to St. Leo Church on March 21 for Mass and for confession.
•    On March 23 St.Leo's school saw a performance by Ms. Lehane's Grade 7 class. It was an interpretation of the Stations of the Cross for Easter. Her class also did a virtue assembly about forgiveness on April 4. 
•    A number of students participated in a chess tournament hosted by at Monsieur John Corrigan School in Rexdale. Congratulations to the St. Leo's chess team for having a number of students place in the top 5. 
•    Congratulations also to the St. Leo's swim team. On April 2 there was swim meet at the Etobicoke Olympium. We have bronze medal winners this year. Aidan, Hope, Tony and Grace swam in the Mixed Relay and won bronze, Alex for the Breast Stroke. Thank you for the teachers and dedicated coaches who helped this year's swim team.

Good News at
St. Leo CS
    •    Acknowledgements/Information to Know
•    Easter Mass – Well received by all! Thank you Mrs. Turczyn and Grade 1 / 2 students, Mrs. Park, Miss Forma
•    Swim Coaches: Clair, Blair, Jackie
•    Hockey Coaches: Punter/ Sarabia/Vlasschaert
•    Greening Committee/Carey Burleigh
•    Shazzam Project by Lakeshore Arts/ Grade 8 Art work
Liturgical    •    Fr. Frank’s request
•    St. Leo Church Children’s Choir April 10th at 11:30 am Mass
•    Confirmation  Sunday April 17th at 3:00 pm Mass
•    Communion Sunday May 15th at 11:30 am Mass
Swim Team
    •    Well represented by eager swimmers at the meet.
•    Thank you coaches: Claire McMullan, Blair Larsen, Jackie McGrath
Academics    After school math tutoring for Grade 3 and Grade 6 students as a necessary prep for the Provincial Assessment
September 2016
Registration Update    English Stream      JK/SK  25
French Immersion JK/SK  60
French Immersion Grade 1   26 students
2016 – 2017     The process has begun!
TBD: Staff Assignments determined by enrolment numbers, 
Physical Plant    Awaiting removal/repair of the tiles in Room 211
Financial Report     School Block Budget
Balance as of February 29, 2016  $6855
Outside Agency Account
Balance as of February 29, 2016  $221.00
CSPC Account
Balance as of February 29, 2016 $ 7,286.00

Academic Report    Primary & Junior Teachers meeting with D. Yack on April 18th as part of our school learning improvement planning during academic year.
Our school focus has been problem solving skills using math journals, group work and bansho strategies for students to discuss their thinking, illustrate their work (primary grades) and demonstrate their solutions of word problems via math literacy strategies in math journals.
•    Numeracy Focus: Math Talk – A math talk community is one in which “students are encouraged to ask questions and to explain their thinking.  In this way, students become sources of mathematical ideas” Sherrin (2004)
•    Student questioning and explaining are important for developing and consolidating students’ thinking and understanding.
•    Students comparing and connecting their ideas and strategies with those of other students
Students to share thinking aloud solving a math problem.
Students to be proud to share their work with the class.
Students to practise sharing their reasoning with classmates.
Safe Schools     Lockdown/Hold & Secure on Wednesday April 6th at 10:30 am
All protocols followed. Staff and students responded appropriately
Special Needs Students     Initial:  Identification Placement Review Committee Meeting Identification:  Exceptionality
Placement: appropriate to needs of students (maybe home school  location or other TCDSB school) 
Formulation of IEP (initial)
Annual: Review Meeting  (or upon request)
Formulation of IEP (October & February)
Enrichment Programming    Travelling Stage Dance Workshops
Me To We Assembly $Change for $Change activity (Kiss the Fish)
Instrumental Music Festival
Earth Day and Lights Out Canada Assemblies
Brush-a-Mania for Oral Health
In School Clubs    Caribou Math
Athletics    Track & Field
Intermediate Soccer
Special Day
Monday April 11    Autism Awareness Day – Dance Activity

Mrs. Ugrin has been authorized to allow children into next year’s Grade One immersion class that have no previous immersion background.  This is a one-time event while the immersion program is growing.
Might this be an opportunity to get some of this year’s Grade One’s into the French Immersion Program?
→Michelle to follow up with Doug Yack.  We may have to delegate to the Board.
Senior Faith Day will be on May 6th. 
→Fiona to find a flutist for Senior Faith Day.  $100 honorarium approved for flutist.  
•    We will be starting track and field practices next week.  We have lots of teacher volunteers and all events, except for high jump, will be covered.
•    We ask that the CSPC Chair attend the upcoming “Welcome to Kindergarten” event.
→Carey will attend.
→Motion to approve expenses for this event, if they are not already covered in the Religious Committee’s budget.  Approved.

•    The cloth scoreboard has been ordered and will arrive shortly.
•    Mimico hub meeting took place today.
•    TCDSB appear to be fully behind us getting a new school.
•    Ministry is giving priority to projects that are collaborative. 
•    It would be helpful to get the TDSB on board to do a joint venture for the hub with the TCDSB.  To do this it would be helpful to grow support for this with John English parents … they need to lobby their trustee.
•    Looking to meet with John English CSAC to show what we have done over the past year and where we are at today.
•    There will be John English parents at the auction – this is a good opportunity to discuss the hub with them
→Motion to purchase another garden hose - $180.  Motion approved.
→Motion to purchase a rain barrel.  Motion approved.
•    OAPCE Conference is on May 6th and 7th and OAPCE Toronto will cover the registration of two St Leo parent representatives.  Anyone who is interested can sign up on the OAPCE website.
•    Met with LEGS who will plant raised gardens.  We have applied for these planters and if approved, LEGS will set up these raised gardens – provide the planters, the soil, etc.  We will be responsible to tend the gardens.
•    Ms Lehane is growing seeds in her classroom for the garden.
•    Five teachers have signed up for their classes to take care of the tree planters.
•    We are proceeding with Stewardship Plan shared with CSPC in January.  Putting together a greening committee with kids and teachers and parents.
The Lakeshore Syrian Refugee Fund has received the $500 raised from the dance-a-thon.

Next Meeting: Wednesday May 4th at 6:30 pm in the Library
See you th

Minutes from February 17th Meeting



St Leo School Staff    Parents
Lillian Ugrin    Principal    Michelle Nolden-Szarka     CSPC Chair
Christina Hunter     Teacher    Carey Burleigh    CSPC Vice Chair
Heather Mullin    Teacher    Fiona Kerr    CSPC Secretary
        Tania Zoldak    Parent Rep
        Claire McMullin    Parent
        Suzy Medeiros    Parent
        Ronan Cantlon    Student Rep

Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

•    Since removing some of the excess sand (last Friday), the problem of sand in the classrooms has diminished.
•    Additional steps have been taken to reduce the sand in the classroom.  There is a rotation of grades who get to use the sand each day, and buckets to dump sand from shoes have been placed in the hallways, and a review of sand play expectations.
•    Suggestion that children clean up their own sand (around their desks) with sweeping brushes left in the classroom.
•    Working on getting the children to feel a sense of stewardship for their sandbox.
•    Suggestion that the Grade Ones teach the Senior Kindergarten children the rules of the sandbox prior to them graduating at the end of this school year.
•    Sand toys arrived and are now in use.
•    Most of all, the children love the sandbox and the sand play has added tremendously to the outdoor play of the primary children.
•    Acknowledgement/ Good News:
•    SARC – Our reps continue to be engaged bringing awareness to our St. Leo CS needs, plans for a new school which will include a redefined community hub to education in this area
•    $300.00 raised for the Angel Foundation (Toonie Wednesday)
•    Dance-a-Thon – C. Burleigh/J.McGrath THANK YOU!
•    Shrove Tuesday – Delicious pancake, fruit, juice treat for our students!
•    THANK YOU -  C. McMullan, C. Wiegand, F. Kerr, J. Stone,
•    Mardi Gras/ Carnaval Activities – THANK YOU H. Simas, C. Hunter,C. Piwowarek,.  Excellent selection of activities for all grades enjoyed by everyone!
•    National Literacy Day Parent Readers: M. Nolden-Szarka, C. McMullan, C. Burleigh, A. Caba, L. Messore, C. Michaud, A. Caba, 
•    Hockey Team Junior/Intermediate students (Coaches: Vlasschaert, Sarabia, Punter)  Exhibition Hockey Game vs St. Ambrose CS at 8:30 am – 9:30 am at Mimico Arena (February 25)
•     Swim Team (Mrs. Figueiredo) (Coaches: McGrath, McMullan, Larsen)
•    Training on Friday mornings and Saturday afternoon.
•    Swim meet is on April 2nd & 3rd

•    St. Leo Children’s Church Choir (Mrs. Shaw)
•    Next Mass: Sunday March 6, 2016 at 11:30 am Mass/St. Leo Church
•    Academic Update
•    Math workshops continue.  FOCUS:  Sharing our Thinking when Problem Solving

•    Health & Safety
•    CONCERN: Sand in the Primary Yard brought into the classroom on students’ shoes, clothing, hair etc.
•    Follow up with staff/ Health & Safety Officer/Removal of extra sand from the sand pit/ Designated Days/ Sand Pit expectations/ Reminder Announcements /CSPC sand toys provided/ Incentives to remove the sand “shake off the sand”

•    Liturgical Update
(a)    Father Frank’s communication sent home regarding First Communion and Confirmation. It is mandatory that ALL families register ASAP with Father Frank.
(b)    Grade 2 - First Communion on Sunday May 15th at 11:30 am Mass
(c)    Grade 7 and Grade 8 -  Confirmation on Sunday April 17th at 3:00 pm
•    Athletics & Clubs  
(a)    Chess, Rosary
(b)    Caribou Math, Gauss Math (ongoing)
(c)    Skating at Mimico Arena – delayed due to repairs
(d)    Athletics:  Basketball February 16th, 17th,
(e)    Junior Volleyball tryouts
•    Calendar
•    St. Leo Children’s Church Choir -  Sunday March 7th  11:30 at St. Leo Church
•    Virtue and Awards Assembly  Monday February 29th/ Family Photo
•    REGISTRATION for September 2016 underway for ALL grades

•    There is no treasurer’s report at this time.  However, it is noted that changing signatures at the bank is very difficult.  Overall the council is concerned with TD Bank and its customer service and practices.
•    The Council will stick with TD at this time, but will revisit banking options once the TD Grant reporting and duration is complete.
•    The Eco team have connected with LEGS Etobicoke (Lakeshore Environmental Gardening Society) and will be speaking with them directly to find out how they can help, as this organization does work with schools
•    Ms. Arbour has expressed an interest in greening.  Carey will follow up with her.
•    Claire McMullin suggests looking into programs run by Ontario fisheries.  They have programs to work go into schools and work with classrooms to discuss such things as human impact on our water resources.  Carey will look into this.
•    Not ECO related, but Carey notes that we now have a Facebook page and it would be great if everyone could go in and “Like” it.
•    Father Frank is not mandating anything when it comes to gifts for recipients of first Holy Communion and Confirmation.  Therefore the committee is looking at a number of options and will leave it up to the teachers to decide what they would like.

•    We have decided to split the auction out of the Spring Fling.  We feel that last year the auction was lost in the activities of the Spring Fling and we likely did not get the full fundraising value from silent auction.
•    The auction will take place on April 16th at the Maple Leaf House.  We will use an auction provider for the event.  They provide items for which we will get 25% of the proceeds with 100% of the proceeds for whatever we collect ourselves.
•    Everyone to solicit auction items.
•    April 16th is the evening before the Confirmation so a great opportunity to include family who are coming from out of town.
•    Tickets for the event – current thinking $15 for 1, $20 for 2 ($10 each for other multiples).
•    Tickets with cover appetizers and the DJ.

•    What do staff and students still need?
•    Miss Hunter recommends a new scoreboard and a ball pump.
•    As for technology, there is no new request at the moment.  Mrs. Ugrin suggests that the staff and students use what they now have and then later in the year we can revisit where we are at.
•    We have covered most things in the 20/20 vision document.  One thing that has not been addressed is a school play/musical.  Once we have reviewed our budget status, we will review what funds would still be required and look also at what grants might be available to get this started for school year 2016/17.

PASTA DAY (Claire McMullin)
•    The number of students participating in pasta have been dwindling over time.  On average we have about 70 kids participating.  As a result, going forward, we will continue with only one pasta day per month – on the last Thursday of every month.
•    Will offer the option to pay once for the remainder of the year.

•    A note will be included in this week’s Sunday newsletter asking any parents who are interested in helping influence the Board to bring Extended French to St Leos to let us know so we can put a working group together.
•    At a later date – we will plan a meeting with Superintendent Yack and CSPC to discuss this matter further and consider next steps.
Next Meeting: Wednesday March 2nd at 6:30 pm in the Library
See you there!

Minutes from January CSPC Meeting


St Leo School Staff    Parents
Lillian Ugrin    Principal    Michelle Nolden-Szarka     CSPC Chair
Christina Hunter     Teacher    Carey Burleigh    CSPC Vice Chair
        Fiona Kerr    CSPC Secretary
        Brandi Ward    Community Liaison
        Tania Zoldak    Parent Rep
        Lucy Dorgan    Parent Rep
        Julie Stone    Parent
        Suzy Medeiros    Parent
        Ronan Cantlon    Student Rep

Generous and loving God, You call us to be disciples of your son Jesus and good stewards of all your many gifts.
Open our minds and hearts to a greater awareness and deeper appreciation of your countless blessings.
Transform us through the power of your Spirit to nurture a stewardship way of life marked by faith-filled prayer, service to our neighbor and generous sharing. Teach us to be faithful servants of your gifts. With Mary’s help, may we return ten-fold the gifts entrusted to us.
Bless our School with a deepening devotion to prayer, a growing commitment for service, and increasing levels of generosity as we work to advance the mission of both our School and Parish.
We pray through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

SPECIAL GUEST - Andrea Falcone, Nutritionist
Andrea came to share with us the various programs which are available to schools with respect to health and nutrition in the schools.  Mrs Ugrin is already proposing a wellness day for the first week of May, when Andrea will be coming to the school to work with the children (the normal fee is $128/ 1 hour – 1.5 hours, but Andrea will work within the St Leo budget).  The wellness day has yet to be fully defined but will include some or all of the following:

Basic nutrition talk (Grades K to 3)
Interactive nutrition lecture (Grades 4 to 8)
Different stations:
•    Big crunch (apples)
•    Smoothie station
•    Snack versus treat explanation

Going forward there are many grants available for health/diet in the school.  The applications are done at the beginning of the year, with the funds coming soon after.   The CSPC should be aware of these deadlines to make plans for other wellness related programs for next year.  Other possible programs include - healthy eating programs with older students (not one day – program over time), balanced meal discussions.  All are meant to get kids talking about food and making good choices.

CSPC Chair will add note about the wellness day to the newsletter the week before it takes place to inform parents and start the conversation.

Student rep present, Ronan Cantlon, noted that the students enjoyed the karate demonstration and the smoothie workshop last year.

•    SARC – Diligent and committed approach to bringing issues of the physical plant (building) of St. Leo CS to the attention of the school communities within our superintendency.
•    SARC members Michelle Nolden-Szarka and Brandi Ward will delegate to the Board on January 21st at 7:00pm.
•    Thank you CSPC for Teacher Appreciation Breakfast!
•    Hockey Team Junior/Intermediate students (Coaches: Vlasschaert, Sarabia, Punter)
•    Cardboard Boat Race  Grade 7 (Ms. Lehane).  Children came in 4th out of 21!!!
•    New Year Mass Grade 3/4 (Mrs. Policelli) (Mrs. Park)  
•    Intermediate Students carolling at  Seniors Center (Madame Simas)
•    Swim Team (Mrs. Figueiredo)
•    St. Leo Children’s Church Choir (Mrs. Shaw).  Next mass participation date is February 14th.  The Grade 7/8s will be greeters at the mass
•    French Immersion Open House & Classroom Presentations (Mme. Campeau, Mme. Hunter)
•    Apple TV usage in Grade 4/5 classroom.  Mr. Sarabia is inviting other teachers in to his classroom to see how it works
•    Grade 7 student P S / honourable mention in Catholic Register contest (Patricia Solarczyk)
•    Microphones purchased for presentations/concerts
•    Shazzam Lakeshore Arts will be coming back to work with Mr. Punter’s Grade 8 class (at no charge)
•    Ms. Leblanc’s chocolates fundraising activity raised ~$5,000.
SCHOOL SAFETY - Safe School Committee: 
(1)    Entry/exit procedures and expectations
(2)    Playground expectations and boundaries during recess periods
(3)    School yard check 3:30 pm to 3:45 pm; Three Educational Assistants will check the schoolyard to ensure “NO child is left behind”.    
(4)    Respect for the Environment/ Learning Garden (e.g. play freely but be careful with the trees)
(5)    Ice is forming in the Learning Garden in front of the stage – working on a plan to mitigate safety hazard – likely sand

•    Budget – School Block Budget Balance as of December 31, 2015 is $10,169.00
•    Purchases made since last meeting:
•    Mini iPads
•    Covers for Mini iPads
•    Will be looking to purchase, in the future, a new cart for charging for ipads and will be saving for that
•    EQAO & CAT/4 Results/Summary/Next Steps

•    Follow up to Stairwell D (trip hazard) with Joe Couto; he will investigate

•    Mini iPads purchased – Funds source: Chocolate sales, CSPC Allocation

•    Me To We students are collecting plastic milk bags; which may be used to make plastic mattresses in underdeveloped countries
(1)    Next Mass will be held in the school gym on Wednesday February 17, 2016 at 9:30 am.  All are welcome!
(2)    Father Frank’s communication sent home regarding First Communion and Confirmation. It is mandatory that ALL families register ASAP with Father Frank.
(3)    Grade 2 - First Communion on Sunday May 15th at 11:30 am Mass
(4)     Grade 7 and Grade 8 -  Confirmation on Sunday April 17th at 3:00 pm
(1)    Chess club, Rosary club
(2)    Caribou Math, Gauss Math (ongoing – several students received certificates of achievement)
(3)    Skating at Mimico Arena – January/February
(4)    Athletics:  Junior Soccer Boys January 26 and Girls January 27
(5)    Basketball has started

•    REGISTRATION for September 2016 began today:  January 13th at 10:00 am
•    French Immersion Open House/Information Evening for Parents was held on Monday January 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm
•    Evening Registration for ALL new students for September 2016 is on Tuesday January 19th between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm
•    Virtue and Awards Assembly
•    January 18 – Grade 7 students to Dr. Simone’s Warehouse
•    January 19 – Chess grades 1 – 4
•    January 20 – Ms. Starr & P A L S students in training sessions
•    January 21 – Annual Ski Trip
•    January 22 – PA Day
•    January 26 – Officer Rich visits; Chess grades 5 – 8; Boys Soccer
•    January 27 – Girls Soccer/ Grade 4 OLSAT
•    January 29 – Civies Day $2.00
•    St. Leo Children’s Church Choir -  Sunday February 14th at 11:30 at St. Leo Church
•    February 17 – Next school mass (9:30 am)
•    April 17 – Confirmation
•    May 4 – Welcome to kindergarten event
•    May 15 – First Holy Communion

FOLLOW-UP- as requested by CSAC at the December meeting
1.    Smartboard delivered to the JK/SK classrooms, but will be shared by all
2.    Edge Imaging photos of the Learning Garden unveiling received from Edge Imaging
•    Parents to read in classrooms on National Literacy Day


Minutes from November CSPC Meeting

CSPC October Meeting


St Leo School Staff    Parents
Lillian Ugrin    Principal    Michelle Nolden-Szarka     CSPC Chair
Christina Hunter     Teacher    Carey Burleigh    CSPC Vice Chair
        Michael Bock     CSPC Treasurer
        Fiona Kerr    CSPC Secretary
        Brandi Ward    Community Liaison
        Tania Zoldak    Parent Rep
        Jackie McGrath    Parent Rep
        Claire McMullan    Parent
        Suzy Medeiros    Parent
        Bibiana Tobon    Parent
        Anna Lamond    Parent

GUEST SPEAKER (Eric Vanderwal – Community/Rate Payer)

•    Concerned about the increasing amount and speed of the traffic in the area
•    Would like to engage St. Leo School and its parent council as another set of interested stakeholders to petition the city to take action to reduce speed on local streets – calming speed mounds, reduce speed limit (30 vs 40), additional “slowing” signage, pedestrian crosswalks, and/or additional Police enforcement
•    Development in the area will only increase this problem.  Over 10,000 new residences will arrive in the area if all the proposed condos are built
•    Would like the City to come and see the problem first hand
•    Stanley Ave is of particular concern – given people use this street as a short (and fast) route to Lakeshore.  Notes Stanley is used by Fire Services so may not be possible to add speed mounds to this street
•    Asks if St. Leo’s parent council write a letter to the City voicing our traffic related concerns
•    On behalf of the school and CSPC, Michelle agreed to write a letter to the city, copy Councillor Grimes, provide a link on CSPC website and tweet out the message


•    Thank You – Nomination for Principal of Excellence Award
•    Acknowledgement/ Good News:
•    OAPCE  rep – Fiona Kerr
•    Successful Annual Community Clean-Up Event
•    Unveiling of the Learning Garden Event on Oct 21st
•    Little Charmer’s Event.  $1700 was raised and will go to technology
•    CSPC pizza lunch took place for last year’s grade 4/5 class
•    $200.00 donation to school from Osterfeld Family for Mrs. Weiss’ class

•    Physical Plant
•    Painting complete/flooring still in progress

•    School Safety
•    Thank you to Edge Imaging for “ED” the safety guy/ signs on Stanley Ave.

•    Financial Report
•    Budget – School Block Budget Balance as of October 31st is $13,658.00
•    Purchases made since last meeting:
1.    First Communion Student Notebooks for Grade 2 students ($90.00)
Note: Currently examining texts for Confirmandi (sample books
$ 39.80)
2.    Confirmation and Graduation Covers ($54.64)
3.    Grade 3 and Grade 6 Many Gifts Social Studies Program purchased ($2500.00)
4.    Ballet Creole reserved for February 4, 2016 ($850.00)
5.    Current Events Writing Program/Resources for C. Figueiredo and
S. Orr ( $203.40)

•    Academic Update
•    CAT/4 DATA – unpacked/ presented to staff/sent home to parents
•    EQAO – preliminary data available/ Public Release on November 17th
•    MATHEMATICS: Pilot Program 2nd year of the JUMP MATH PROGRAM (Also, working with Christ The King, St. Teresa and St. Josaphat Schools)
•    SCHOOL LEARNING PLAN – focus: Numeracy: Basic Computations
•    Numeracy: Responding to open ended response questions when solving a mathematical word problem
•    Literacy: Responding to open ended response questions when responding to a literacy question

•    Safe Schools
•    Nutrition Program (Claire MacMullan).  Morning meal starts on November 10

•    Fire Drills
•    Three fire drills practised and completed this term
•    Lockdown Drill took place on October 17th in the afternoon
•    Term 1 requirements completed!
•    Hold & Secure Drill will take place on Friday March 25, 2016
•    Shelter in Place will take place on Friday, April 15, 2016

•    Email Addresses for electronic school communication 2015 - 2016 – Completed!
•    Health & Safety (Nil Report)
•    Technology Support
•    Much needed computers/smart boards/laptops/projectors/I Pads
Ms. Leblanc is undertaking a fundraiser for the purchase of additional technology
•    Ms. Lehane/Mr. Sarabia will be posting items onto the website as provided by CSPC and Principal 

•    Community Action/Local And Global Initiatives
•    Me To WE Student Leaders with Ms. Lehane and Ms. Starr
•    Scare the Hunger Food Drive (815 lbs collected)
•    Glow Sticks for Halloween $100.00 monies to a village in Africa
•    $ Change for Change monies to a village in Africa (date to be determined)

•    Fundraiser Calendar
•    Ms. Arbour is creating a fundraising calendar for clarity amongst the staff. The calendar is being finalized 

•    Athletics & Clubs
•    Chess, Rosary
•    Caribou Math, Gauss Math
•    Athletics:  Volleyball Boys November 9th, Girls November 10th, Basketball starts in December/January

•    CALENDAR (refer to purple calendar)
•    St. Leo Children’s Church Choir debut on Sunday November 8th at 11:30 at St. Leo Church
•    Remembrance Day Assembly – November 11, 2014 at 10:30 am.
•    Next Mass to be held in the school gym on Thursday November 12th at 1:00 PM.  All are welcome
•    Virtue and Awards Assembly on November 27th at 1:00 pm.
•    Toronto Police Service Activity with Grade 1 students November 30th
•    Christmas Concert on December 10th at 6:30 pm (JK to Grade 3
Ms. Jachyra). Note the Grade 3/4 split to Grade 8s will do the spring concert
•    Registration for September 2016
•    Tentatively:  registration begins January 4th (TCDSB to confirm)
•    French Immersion Open House/Information Evening for Parents Monday January 11th, 2016 at 6:30 pm
•    Evening Registration for ALL new students for September 2016, Tuesday January 19th between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm
•    Grade 2 - First Communion on Sunday May 15th at 11:30 am Mass
•    Grade 7 and Grade 8  -  Confirmation on Sunday April 17th at 3:00 pm
•    Follow Up - as requested by CSPC at the October 2015 meeting
•    Confirm if Ms. Lehane received payment from the board for her receipts last year.  Still reviewing

•    Request Of CSPC
•    Contact Kris Bonvenizer for the development of a school crest/logo
•    Request business card list for distribution (Brandi)
•    Confirmation of the Budget Allocations for 2015 – 2016 (ask Michael)
•    CSPC is paying for:  Teacher Allocation of $125.00
•    One Bus/excursion per classroom
•    Laptops for Classrooms (two per class)
•    Mini iPads class set of 25 for Primary division
•    School is paying for:  Ballet Creole (reserved February 4th 2016)
•    Microphones for Concert
•    SmartBoard for JK SK classes (ordered Nov.4/15)


•    Deposit is on hold because some data is missing for people who need tax receipts.  Totals will be available for November statement.  There is close to $5K to deposit including Clean Up Drive monies and $2.5K from The Rec Room.


•    Religious Celebrations
•    Sent emails to all teachers who have events/sacraments this year to collect their feedback on the support they need.  Have heard back from some, waiting for others.
•    When all data is in, there will be meeting to develop a work plan (it is “early days” since the first event is April 17th – confirmation)
•    Mlle. Hunter notes – that for the SK grad last year they received $135, but since they have more kids now, they are asking for $150

•    Eco Team
•    Congratulations on the great work for the Learning Garden.  We received great feedback from ceremony
•    The sun awning is in Lillian’s office.  We need a process to collect and use it. (suggestion - Charlie and grade 8 students)
•    In the spring we would like to buy graffiti spray for the bunker.  Will motion at that time

•    Sports Committee
•    Today intermediate boys volleyball exhibition game
•    Intermediate boys and girls volleyball tournament – next week at Christ the King
•    Planning a basketball workshop before Christmas
•    Teachers are to pick their skating days
•    Michelle asks that she receive regular sports updates so this information can be added to Sunday emails

•    Community Liaison
•    We want to maximize advertising opportunity for our sponsors so we want to add listing of sponsors wherever possible – for instance on the back of pasta day sheets (Clair will add)
•    Brandi to provide electronic copy of sponsors to Lillian so she can use it as much as possible
•    Plan to have a large poster of the sponsor listing where you enter the school and smaller posters around the school


•    Congratulations to Lillian on her Principal of Excellence Award! 
•    Thank you to Fiona for her OAPCE contribution
•    Huge thank you to Carey Burleigh and Kim Bovenizer for their incredible work. Would like to pass a motion to pay for the Lorax
Motion passed
•    Anthony Simms wins the gift card for raising the most money for the Cleanup Drive ($160.00).  Special mention goes to Aidan and Damon Zarand, Reid and Leila McGrath, Alex Szarka, and Frankie Raso who all had pledges over $100.00)
•    The winning House is the YELLOW House.  The prize will be sundaes for the class (Nov 20th – afternoon, last recess, 2:10 pm)
•    We need to decide what we want to do for Christmas on terms of a charity.  Find a donation of two items and see what we can raffle off at the Christmas concert, and do a 50/50 draw.  Claire Michaud is checking out Syrian refugee sponsorship of items
•    Perhaps we could offer pizza before the concert and this could be a Grade 8 graduation fundraiser (to allow parents attending the concert to enjoy the concert).  Tania will take this away to discuss with Mr. Punter and the Grade 8s
•    Carey and I will follow up on what we need for the TD Canada in terms of photos for their website and the grant requirements.  Does Lillian have the photos from Edge? 
•    What is the swimming update? 
•    Practices will be at Alderwood pool on Fridays (7:30 to 8:30 am) and Saturday (4:30 to 5:30 pm)
•    The swim meet is on April 2nd
•    Looking to organize rides to school after practise in the mornings
•    Father John Redmond is willing to share pool time starting on Feb 15th through April 2nd. (Jackie to look into insurance issues) on Mondays and Fridays at Gus Ryder pool from 4:00 to 4:30 pm
•    We need to set a date for the Teacher Appreciation breakfast.  We would like to suggest the 16th of December?  Date agreed.  We will need some parent volunteers.
•    Thank you to Fifth Ground, Spin Master Toys and Brandi Ward.  The commercial shoot raised $1700.00 for the school
•    Has the gym equipment been ordered?  Yes – and it has already arrived
•    Where are we at with the technology?  Was it laptops or ipads that were ordered?  There is no decision yet.  A Smartboard was ordered today
•    The next pasta days are Nov 12th and 26th.  There will only be one pasta day in Dec
•    We will add middle French immersion/Extended French to the January CSPC agenda and plan to have a strategy meeting about this topic. Mlle Hunter to follow up with the responsible TCDSB to get some guidance in advance of January. 
•    Final SARC meeting will take place on Monday Nov 9th
Next Meeting: Wednesday December 2nd at 6:30 pm in the Library
See you there!

Minutes from October CSPC Meeting




Lilian Ugrin -Principal, Michelle Nolden-Szarka CSPC Chair, Christina Hunter -Teacher, Carey Burleigh- CSPC Vice Chair, Michael Bock -CSPC Treasurer, Fiona Kerr- CSPC Secretary.  PArent reps -  Ortenca Binjaku, Lucy Dorgan, Brandi Ward -Community Liaison, Rebecca Routledge -Parent


Prayer for Catholic Education - O, Holy Spirit, source of truth and grace for those entrusted with the Christian development of children, enlighten our minds, strengthen our will, fill our hearts with generosity so that our homes, our parishes and our schools may co-operate effectively with You, and with one another in the mission of Catholic Education. We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord. Amen.




·      CSPC & Principal Workshop at CEC October 14, 2015.  Fiona Kerr will attend and agrees to be St Leo’s OAPCE representative.

·      Physical Plant

o   Work in progress: Painting and Flooring in Rooms 233, 234, 235, 203.

Painting in Room 204

Painting in Hallways of the Horseshoe

·      Financial Report

o   Budget – School Block Budget Balance- no changes since September report

·      Professional Development for Staff

o   All teachers new to their grades will attend in-services on Literacy and Numeracy



·      Safe Schools

o   Nutrition Program.  Claire MacMullan is planning to incorporate nutrition and cooking lessons for the older grades.  Proposal in works.  Information to follow at a later date.

o   Two fire drills practiced to date – as of October 7

o   Lockdown Drill will take place on Thursday October 22 in the morning.

·      Technology Support

o   Much needed computers/smart boards/laptops/projectors/I Pads

§  Ms. LeBlanc’s Chocolate Fundraiser will raise additional funds for the purchase of technology in the classroom.  Ms. LeBlanc has offered to fully organize the entire process!

§  Kick off assembly will take place on November 6th.   This will be a two week campaign with a goal of raising goal 3K


·      Community Action/Local And Global Initiatives

o   Ms. Starr and Ms. Lehane brought Student Leaders to a Me To We event in September 

o   The Food Bank food drive is in effect until October 9th

·      Assembly

o   The first virtue assembly of the New Year was held at the end of September.  The Grade 8 class used prayer, skits and 21st C technology to enhance their presentation.

·      Teachers and parents are asked to encourage their students to organize their recognition certificates in a portfolio

o   World Day of the Rosary Assembly was hosted today by Grade 5/6, Grade 1 and
Mrs. DaMario

·      Clubs (so far)

(a)   Chess                    (b) Rosary            (c)  Caribou Math            (d) Gauss Math

·      Upcoming Events

o   October 16th – School photo Day

o   October 19th – Clean up Drive.  Chris Szarka will be MC.

o   October 21st at 1:00 pm – Unveiling of the Learning Garden

o   October 27th at 1:00 pm – Thanksgiving Mass

o   April 17 at 3:00 pm – Confirmation

o   May 15 at 11:30 – Communion

·      Request of CSPC

1.     Consider supporting a School Wide Charity Drive for the migrants from Syria

2.     Consider supporting Local Charity at Christmas time, for example Women’s Habitat

o   These suggestions by Mrs Ugrin were received well.

o   Claire Michaud an event planner and St Leo parent has volunteered to support some fundraising events.  These could be appropriate activities to include her.  Michelle to follow up with Claire.

·      Financial support from CSPC:

o   The Wish List

(a)   Purchase of new technologies for the classroom

a.     Laptops for classrooms(one or two where needed)

b.     Mini iPads( a class set of 25)

c.     Phys. Ed. equipment (various items as identified by teacher)

d.      Microphones( X4 )

e.     Smart Board(primary JK SK area)

(b)  The Arts – a presentation by Ballet Creole

(c)   Bus per class for class excursion

(d)  Teacher allocation to be determined

·      Follow-Up from the September CSPC Meeting:

o   The Safe School Fund which was maintained by Dianne DaLuz had an opening balance for this school year of $2600.00.  The ledger is available.

o   Pizza day started today.  A new ledger created to keep funds separate

·      Follow-Up for the November CSPC Meeting:

o   Confirm if Ms. Lehane received payment from the board for her receipts last year.

o   What day is good for Ms. Lehane’s last year class to have a pizza lunch?




CSPC Budget Discussions


Funds currently in CSPC Account                                                          $20842.71         

Funds Currently in Board Account                                                         $2663.27

Funds in Outside Agency Account                                                          $500.00 (pic)

Total                                                                                                    $24005.98



Outstanding motions                                                                             $3122.90



20/20 objective

Mr Vlasheart has requested funds for new athletic equipment. (Lillian will provide specific list)                                                                                                                                         $750.00


Swim Team (pool rental as per last year’s expenditures)                                 $650.00

Hockey Team (ice rental and tournament fees)                                               $500.00


Transportation (soccer and track and field busses)                                          $750.00


                                                                                          Subtotal -        $2650.00


Eco Team (Picnic Tables, programming supplies, maintenance)                      $2000.00


Religious and Social Committee(see list from last year)                              $1500.00


Pasta Lunch Supplies until Feb (based on numbers from last year)                           

Will evaluate in Feb whether program is working for all                                 $1000.00

            Honorarium                                                                                $500.00


Teacher Busses and Allotments (based on last year’s numbers)                     $6000.00

(Library still has funds and Mr Vlascheart will be receiving new equipment so suggestion is that they will not fall on this list)


Principal Wish List


Laptops (16) - $8000.00

Class set of mini iPads - $6000.00

Microphones - $1000.00

Prologue for the Performing Arts - $800.00


Suggestion that CSPC put $6000.00 to this wish list.



Total Expenditure                                                                                 $22772.90



This does not include the ear marking of funds for our Spring Fling.   The suggestion is that the sponsorship dollars which will be arriving in the next few months be for this purpose.   The suggestion is also that incremental costs for fundraisers be on a project by project motion/approval. 

This leaves us with a working balance of $1233.08 with a mid-year budget evaluation in February.

Awaiting approval on ProGrant for Curriculum Night.  




The monies included in the budget do not include donations that have come in since September via sponsorship program, Rec Room donation, Remax picnic table sponsorship, etc.


Changes to proposed budget are as follows:


Keep swim team allotment as is ($650.00) – but propose fee for students joining team to be raised from $25.00 to $50.00.  Letter will be sent to parents.  Suggestion that kids try out and then safe schools can supplement any students who might find the fee too much ($50.00 might deter students who would really benefit). Currently no pool has been found for swim team practices.  This proposal will be revisited when pool has been secured. 

Suggestion that same protocol be followed with Hockey team.


Religious and Social Committee allotment to be raised from $1500.00 to $2000.00.  Grade 8s to be made aware that they still need to fundraise for their activities.  In this regard, Mr. Punter has been asked to put together a fundraising schedule so as not to overlap with other fundraising activities.


Principal’s wish list – CSPC to put $6,000 towards wish list, Mrs Ugrin to cover microphones and Prologue for the Performing Arts within the school’s budget.


Funds for pasta lunch honorarium confirmed.  To revisit in February.


Michael to give deadline to teachers for receipts for $125.00.


Motion to approve budget.  Approved


Motion to provide a $100 Best Buy card for highest student fundraiser (Cleanup Drive) and $100 for ‘House’ that collective raises the most money.


Motion approved




·      We will be seeking donations of baked goods for the Unveiling reception as well asking parents to “lend” us their fall flowers for the day.  Volunteers are needed for the unveiling and particularly with setting up the reception in the gym. 


·      We are also looking for volunteers to help on the Cleanup Day.  Unfortunately, I will to be unable to attend either of these events as I have a work conflict and am hoping some other parents might be able to step up to help Carey on the day for both of these events.  Chris Szarka will be taking my place to lead the Cleanup Day.


·      Possible fundraiser for the school between Amazon, Spinmaster toys and Fifth Ground Entertainment.  Spinmaster has done a series of Internet teasers for their upcoming toys.  Michelle and Brandi have both directed some of these and can speak to the professionalism of all companies involved. $1000.00 would be donated to the school and $25.00 will be donated for each child who auditions.  Not all children will be chosen to audition as the requirements from the company are particular in terms of age range of children as well there is no guarantee that every audition will be used in the final commercial. 

o   A consent letter will be sent home with the children as well as the age ranges that the company is looking for. 


·      We have had a parent who has expressed some concern over the sandpit and the amount of sand that is being brought home in pockets etc.  Suggestion that perhaps we purchase a few sand brushes that can be chained to the fence that will allow children to brush the sand off of themselves.  Michelle will price out.  There is a link on the website under EcoTeam that outlines the benefits of sandplay as well as the exact materials used, recommendations of the TCDSB and the benefits of granitic sand. 

Watering needs to continue until we are in a consistent frost.  Looking for volunteers.


·      Call again for parenting books and resources – either second hand books or recommendations for CSPC to purchase for our Parent Resource Shelf.


·      Call went out today for used sand toys and items for the FDK yard.  Very hard to find sand pails and shovels at this time of the year.


·      Update on SARC is that there is no update.  We are no further ahead than before the last meeting but remain steadfast in our recommendation of a new school.


·      We will be sinking the pole for the tarp this weekend.  Wondering what Dads are available to help Chris and what day might work best for everyone?


·      Wednesday mid-week newsletter – keep this in mind if you need to reach parents (Sun and Wed)




·      Eco Team

o   Planning agenda for unveiling event.

o   Will need baked goods from parents.

Athletic and Health Committee

o   Sue is moving out of the area and so we need a replacement for her as Committee Head.

o   Mlle. Hunter has volunteered to be Committee Chair and Lucy Dorgan will also support


CUPE UPDATE  CUPE,  representing education workers including custodians, school office staff, educational assistants, child and youth workers, has escalated ‘work to rule’ job action.

Educational assistants - no withdrawal of services  Secretarial and caretakers – some withdrawal of services  Note that child safety remains a top priority for all employees



 Next Meeting: Wednesday November 4th at 6:30 pm in the Library

See you there!


CSPC Annual 2015 Report Card - Annual General Meeting

Greetings Parents.

Thanx to your hard earned fundraising dollars and support, 2014/15 has been an exciting year at St. Leo’s with only more good things to come. Please know that as your council, we aim to offer inclusive and fun ways for you to get involved in your children’s education while improving our school environment. A special thank you to all parents and families who have contributed to CSAC and Fundraising Initiatives and to those of you who have volunteered time to make them happen. Please find the following for your information. If you have any questions regarding allotment of CSAC funds, transparency or ways to get involved please don’t hesitate to ask.


The following are some of the ways your hard earned CSAC dollars are being spent:

*Between the Board and CSAC funds, all classrooms are now very close to technologically current. (new ipads, new laptops, working desktops) Emphasis for the remainder of the 2015 school year will be on gaining proficiency on our new technology.

*Wireless connections have been and continue to be installed.

* $750.00 for new books to the library

*Apple TV and new Television for Library to make it technology hub for school.

* $850.00 to the repair of our Musical Instruments.

*CSAC has funded the cost of one bus per classroom ($254.66 each) for a cultural field trip.

  • *  CSAC has funded $150.00 to every teacher for upgrades at their discretion for their classroom.

  • *  13K has been earmarked for greening of our school yard and outdoor classroom - to be done Summer 2015 (Total estimated cost 70K) CSAC has applied for numerous grants.

  • *  CSAC and specific parent donations have improved the school yard with murals, planters, kindergarten mulch box and music wall, shrubs and flowers. Additional CSAC funded murals are being done currently in classroom.

  • *  CSAC has supplemented cost of Rob Matejka art project to be installed in Spring 2015.

  • *  CSAC has supplemented funding for swim team, track and field, and chess team with additional funds for the Athletic Committee to improve participation and performance.

  • *  CSAC has designated funds to supplement celebrations for Religious Sacraments and graduations.

  • *  Staff Appreciation Breakfast and Pancake Tuesday (with Nutrition Program) *



May Minutes

Attendees: Alison Juda, Helen CM, Brandi Ward, Michelle Nolden-Szarka, Suzy Medeiros, Carolina Nepila, Fionna Kerr, Deidre Arbour, Claire McMullen, Pavla Cervak

Prayer: Lillian Ugrin

1.     Principals Report – Lillian Ugrin

a.     Turner and Porter provided flowers


c.     Grade 8 student Victor Kaneko Alefirova won the Learning Partnership”s Canada wide Poster contest

d.      *CSPC Volunteers recognized during Volunteer Week in April

e.     * Turner & Porter donation of flowers for Confirmation and Communion

f.      *Dance Workshops – were outstanding/well received by students and staff

g.     *An outstanding example of an Integrated Curriculum in the Grade 4/5 Class

h.     Family Life Fully Alive Grade 4 and Grade 5 /

i.      Science Grade 5 :Human Organ System

j.      Science Grade 4: Introduction of Habitats and Community

k.     Involved the incubation of duck eggs, duck hatching and care

l.      *MURAL ART PROJECT – completed


n.     *Sports – Track & Fielding Meet #1 May 7th


p.     Letter from Director – Angela Gauthier sent home today.



s.      1. Sacraments – Excellent preparation by staff and support by CSPC committee:

t.      Helen/Suzy/Tania

u.     2. Students Acquire the Faith Conference May 12th Grade 8 students

v.         Organized by M. Lehane and S. Muller for south Etobicoke schools.

w.    PHYSICAL PLANT   - Morality lIghts have been installed



z.      Block Budget (School)         $ 7,605

aa.   Outside Agency Account    $ 3, 963

bb.  CSAC Account (at TCDSB)  $ 29,877



ee.   EQAO Grades 3 & 6    Assessment week June 1 to June 4

ff.     CAT/4Grades 2, 5, 7Assessment week June 1 to June 4

gg.   Term 2 Progress Reports will be issued on Monday, June 22, 2015



jj.     Junior & Intermediate - Students at recess times will be allowed entry into the building by teachers on duty; using card entry system.

kk.   Primary students will be walked to the entry doors to access facilities; door monitors will allow access at this entry point.

ll.     Health & Safety

mm.                 TECHNOLOGY UPDATE

nn.  Apple TV module

oo.  Screen has been ordered & delivered

pp.  Smart Board, Projector $3448.00 each

qq.  2 have been ordered: school and CSPC each to pay for one board & projector


ss.   Mrs. DaLuz and Student Leaders will be organizing a fund raiser for Nepal Earthquake victims. Hot Dog sale is being discussed.

tt.    (CLUBScontinuing . . .

uu.  Chess  

vv.   Rosary

ww.                  Caribou Math

xx.   Gauss Math

yy.   CALENDAR (refer to Maycalendar )


aaa.Follow Up - as requested by CSPC at the March4th2015 meeting(completed)

bbb.                                      NIL

ccc.REQUEST OF CSAC -   Review contents of school agenda book



2.     Treasurer’s Report – Michelle Nolden-Szarka

a.     Trying to deplete the third party account and to move CSAC funds to TD account

b.     Carey to follow up if grant funds were deposited

c.     Lillian to submit bills to Michael for buses.

d.     Motion to provide another bus (total of three buses) – motioned by Michelle, 2nd Claire, all approved


3.     Student Report – Tyler Mackie

a.     Working on Grade 8 graduation with Mr. Punter

b.     Some students will require financial support for the basics for the graduation (no cap or gown will be required)

c.     Students plan to volunteer for Spring Fling


4.     Religious Celebrations Committee

a.     Committee is in deficit ($150) because of additional costs: permits, Kindergarten T-shirts, frames, French immersion night

b.     Separate graduation (social) and sacraments committees for next year

c.     Additional funds will be requested electronically

d.     Lillian will pay one permit, and CSAC will pay other permit


5.     Teachers Report – Ms. Arbour

a.     Communion was a success

b.     61 kids participating in Track even May 7


6.     Eco Team – Carey Burleigh

a.     Letter received that work is scheduled to begin July and be completed by September

b.     Drawings provided by architect

c.     Able to complete work within budget (still waiting for final approval)

d.     Professor from Humber College coming May 7th to provide additional funds possibly and improve

e.     $3,000 from Friends of the Environment TD to be used for trees and Shrubs

f.      Bunker to be decorated by a friend of Carey’s

g.     Humber donating 12 trees

h.     Project coordinated by TCDSB

i.      October will be National Tree week


7.     Fundraising Committee

a.     Confirmed youth African drum, Ukrainian dance group? Bagpiper, Irish dancer, DJ, Bollywood dance group

b.     Games, bouncy castle, military truck, firetruck,

c.     Artisan and craft market coming together $40/table

d.     Silent auction – everybody to solicit donations

e.     Signage – look into options for lawn signs and banner ($500 motioned by Michelle, 2nd Claire, all approved)


8.     Chair Report – Michelle Nolden-Szarka

a.     Sign for school will no longer be provided as it was corroded

b.     Will led tents to Dianne Da Luz

c.     Access to rec room playground has not been resolved

d.     Discussion of Bylaws and Constitution (attached)

e.     Discussion of SARC progress and plans (10 points attached) 


9.     Other Business

a.     Thank you plaques for spring fling

b.     5 year donorship reward

Meeting Adjourned: 9:05pm

Next Meeting: June 10, 2015

APPROVED MARCH MINUTES prepared by Secretary Pavla Cervak.

In attendance: Helen Curcic, Brandi Ward, Deire Arbour, Lillian Ugrin, Sue Italiano Robbins, Star Mueller, Michelle Lehane, Michelle Nolden Szarka, Bibiana Tobon Sanchez, Carey Burleigh, Michael Bock, Alison Juda, Tania Zoldak, Joseph DiDecker, Claire McMullan, Jackie McGrath, Caroline Kiska, Suzy Medeiros, Pavla Cervak

Prayer for Catholic Education – Michael Bock

Lord, we are meeting today to conduct matters of business.  Guide our hearts and our minds in the spirit of fairness, right thought and speech.  Impart your supreme wisdom upon our activities so that our affairs may reach a successful conclusion.  Thank you for being our source of guidance today.

Principal’s Report – Lillian Ugrin
•    Welcome
1.  CHESS – First Place – Ricky Clattenburg, Chrisanne Aseoche, and Brian Bui
2. SWIM TEAM – Lots of growth and development of strokes, team is heading off to the
     Divisional Swim Meet on March 7th and 8th
3.   KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FREE THROW FINALS  -  St. Leo will be represented by 4 students Ivan Moreno, Rej Dekaj, Jamie Medieors, Jonathan Medieros.
4.  BOOK FAIR – Sales of  $3310.00
                           Net Profit   $ 2154.81
                            Books selected at  the fair  $756.00
                            Balance to be spent ASAP  $ 1398.81
    Volunteers need to catalogue new books. Please contact Mrs. Ryan if you are able to
              Total enrolment as of today is 41= 34 + 7 pending  students
                                  (JK 13 + 7 = 20  and SK 21 + 4 = 25)
             JK SK English Enrolment for September as of today 19 students (JK 10)  SK (9)
 6.PHYSICAL PLANT UPDATE–  New electrical  wiring completed on the hallway TV!

           Volunteers Carey and Jackie worked with JK SK and
            Grade 4/5 students; more classes to be involved!
  (MURAL ART PROJECT  with Rob Matejka, Artist; has begun with 4 student groups on rotation on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays
8.  Sports – Junior Boys & Girls Volleyball
                     Tournaments on March 25 and March 26
                     Location: TBA
Staffing processes have begun.
Will keep CPSC informed of changes.
Currently:  Mrs. Martinez is on leave. Posting has taken place.
                    Mr. Mendonca has accepted a full time position. Posting has taken place.
SAP request for safety lighting is still outstanding
SAP request for painting of the classrooms in the Horsehoe

Block Budget (School)          $10, 678
Outside Agency Account     $  5, 451
CSAC Account  (at TCDSB)  $29, 444  

(1)  Term 2 Progress Reports will be issued on Monday, June 22, 2015.
(2) Literacy focus continues …
     Our Primary Teachers will participate in a Literacy Inquiry activity on April 16th.
       St. Leo teachers will host a classroom presentation for teachers from St. Josaphat
(3)  Jump Math Program is being piloted in all grades 1 to 8.
       Teachers have been in serviced.
        We have selected internal/school based professional development for teachers to assist with this implementation. 
Our Superintendent of Education has approved a supply teacher to cover Ms. Lehane as she provides a technology in service to teachers; demonstrating grade appropriate applications of the Jump Math program.

•    Health & Safety
Anti Bullying Campaign with Ms. Starr
Health Schools Action Team with Ms. Starr
•    TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT –  See above.

Student Leaders & Mrs. DaLuz will be embarking upon a new project in the Spring.

(CLUBS  continuing . . .
(a)    Chess  
(b)    Rosary
(c)    Caribou Math
(d)    Gauss Math
•    CALENDAR (refer to March calendar )

•    Follow Up - as requested by CSC at the February 4th  2015 meeting  (completed)
1.  Wireless activity areas:    2nd floor East, Primary corridor, 2nd floor West,
2.  Instrumental Music Repairs have been completed.
     CSAC to cover costs $985.36
•    REQUEST OF CSAC -   It is time to begin preliminary discussions with a view to prepare a Parent Handbook.
A meeting will be held on April 13  at 2:00 pm. If you are available, please contact Mrs. Ugrin

Teachers Report – Ms Lehane and Ms Star
•    Were invited to come up with a plan for a faith day on May 12th
•    Presented video that followed
•    Worked with the chaplain from St Marcellinus Secondary school
•    Still developing a budget
•    Lillian to look into getting relics from other schools
•    Claire to assist with food

Treasurer’s Report – Michael Bock
•    Balance $11,876.40
•    Went through he YTD review
•    Motion to reallocate funds that were initially set aside for chess master – Claire motioned, all approved
•    Presented report card that shows flow of funds CSPC

Fundraising Report- Brandi Ward
St. Leo’s Spring Fling 2015
Theme: Cultural Festival
Department #1- Food
Department Head: Brandi Ward
Responsibilities: Contact multiple cultural restaurants, sell advertising/sponsor package and invite them to sell their food at the event. 
Order Pizza and manage all tasks relating to Food on the day.
Department #2 Artisan/ Vendor/ Sponsor Market Place
Department Head: Brandi Ward
-Contact future artisans/vendors/local businesses to sell tables for $40
-Contact past vendor/artisans to participate again. 
-Contact and manage all current sponsors and make arrangements for them to have a table in the vendor market. 
-Handle the collection of all funds for all participants. Order rental tables if necessary.




Department #3 Bouncy Castles and Games
Department Head: Carey/ Michelle
-Order Bouncy Castles and Games
-Find Sponsors if necessary
-Organize volunteers for the day
-Order and organize prizes
-Send home notice for stuffy drive
-Manage department on the day
Department #4 Silent Auction
Department Head: Pavla & Helen
Silent Auction Team Members: 
-Contact businesses for donations
-Collect Silent Auction Items
-Create Bid sheets for each item
-Arrange for fluid payment system
Manage Silent Auction on the day
Department #5 Entertainment
Department Head: Claire
-Arrange for Entertainment ASAP (Cultural Themed/ Main Attraction and Filler Acts) *Possibility of using Cultural Money/ parent involvement funds to pay for quality main act.
-make arrangements for generators/sound system, MC and DJ for the day.
-Manage all things relating to entertainment on the day.
Department # 6 Money and Tickets
Department Head: Michael & Bibiana
-Purchase tickets for the day. (Colour coded to discern 50/50 from event tickets)
-Make arrangement for each location to have a collection boxes so that tickets cannot be recycled like last year. 
-manage floats and 50/50
Department #7 Signage/ Flyers
Department Head: Brandi Ward
Order and Print Signage for the day
Order and Print Flyers for the day
Department # 8 Bake Sale
Department Head: Jackie
-Three weeks prior and every week until event  --Contact Church to arrange for both announcements and advert in bulletin concerning bake sale donation requests/drop off location etc.
-Send home multiple reminders to parents requesting bake sale donations
- price and organize bake sale on the day
Department #9 Advertising/ Promotion
Department Head: Jackie/ Susan
-Divide and distribute Flyers to volunteers
-Create map of Mimico/Long branch for flyer distribution
-Arrange for Flyers to go with each student at sister schools St. Theresa, St. Louis, Christ the King (a few days prior)
- Distribute reminders by e-mail to have each CSAC/ Parent send out e-invites to friends and family
- Contact local papers and brainstorm effective advertising campaign
Department #10 Volunteer Coordinator
Department Head: Michelle
Price Aprons- Michelle
Brandi has also looked into getting a sign for the school – Motion put forward to purchase sign for $1,300 -1st Michelle, 2nd Claire, all approved

Eco Team Update – Jackie McGrath
-    Lost Majesta Grant (no details provided)
-    2 additional applications that we are still waiting to hear back from
-    Working with Carey to get the murals started  and they should be mounted by the Spring Fling
-    Islington Nurseries has donated rockery
-    Humber college will donate 12 trees
-    Meeting set up with Centre for Social Innovation

Health & Wellness Report – Sue Italiano Robbins
-    Update on the ski trip previous week with grades 4,5,6
-    Jackie ordered sign for swim meet (can be reused)
-    Sports program guide to be provided to parents  and can potentially be integrated with the handbook and on the internet
-    Claire asked if we can slowly incorporate this into the agenda
-    Mrs. Arbour to do an inventory of the jerseys and look at organizing
-    Motion to purchase 4 large bins to house skates (approx $111) – motioned by Michelle, all approved

Religious Celebration Update – Tania Zoldak and Helen Curcic
-    Will be working with new Grade 8 teacher to organize confirmation and graduation
-    Will be meeting with grade 2 teachers regarding holy communion and reconciliation
-    Church has moved date to April 12th for confirmation

Chair Report – Michelle Nolden Szarka
Our name has changed CSPC – Parent Council seems easy.
Pro Grant application is May 19th.  We need to consider what we might like to use this funding for.  Curriculum Night – want to make it a real source night for the parents.  
We currently have 40 skates in our skate locker.  Would like to pass a motion to purchase four of the wide bins – total cost is $113.00 for storage of the skates and helmets.  These bins are all extra-large or same size, look very professional and allow us to organize the locker very easily.  Skates will remain at the school locked in the CSPC room and a CSPC member must sign them out.  Helen second the motion and all approved.
Thank you to Lillian for organizing the Math Night.  It was a really fun and well run night.  Hopefully next year we can have more parent engagement so if anyone has any ideas how to reach our parents better - please let us know.
Ms Ryan has requested help in cataloguing books on Monday mornings from 9:15a.m. to 10:30a.m. It is just a matter of putting the bar codes on and stamping the books.  
We are need of volunteers for the swim meet this weekend. 
We are also in need of volunteers for the 6, 7 and 8 skate day.
Thank you for everyone’s encouragement on the website.  As Brandi can attest to I have never been the most computer savvy person so I am feeling quite proud about the website and can actually say I really enjoy doing it.  It is very easy to do and to navigate.  I am happy to maintain it and it is much easier than the school portal.  It is a cost of $8.00 per month.
We would like to start a group for folks who are interested in Curriculum Night for September.  
New Business
-    Update on Spirit Wear (Alison provided a history of how orders were placed previously) 
-    Process regarding vendor selection will be selected by Lillian
-    Michelle provided update on new website.  Michelle will continue to run the website on Square Space – under the domain
-    Motion put forward by Michelle for cost of $8/month for website, 2nd by Claire, all approved
-    Lillian indicated that feedback regarding the new physical education curriculum from Mr Dedecker
-    Dance-a-thon charitable donation – motioned for 25% of after cost proceeds to be donated to St. Vincent De Paul, all approved

Motions Passed subsequent to meeting
-    $1.000 of funds from CSAC budget to be allocated to fundraising 

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM
Next Meeting scheduled on May 6th, 2015 at 6:30 pm in the Library.



St. Leo Catholic School
Catholic School Council Meeting
Wednesday, February 4, 2015.
6:30 pm in the Library
Minutes prepared by Secretary Pavla Cervak.

In attendance: Claire McMullen, Pavla Cervak, Brandi Ward, Michael Bock, Michelle Nolden-Szarka, Carey Burleigh, Lillian Ugrin, Tania Zoldak, Montserrat Terrats, Fiona Kerr

Prayer for Catholic Education – Michelle Nolden

O, Holy Spirit, source of truth and grace for those entrusted with the Christian development of children, enlighten our minds, strengthen our will, fill our hearts with generosity so that our homes, our parishes and our schools may co-operate effectively with You, and with one another in the mission of Catholic Education. We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

St. Leo 20/20 plan update – Tania

-    Mid-year review which will feed into a progress report to be distributed to parents
-    At the end of the year a report card will be issued on the plan

To continue recognizing the need to follow up with SAP requests (painting in classroom and morality lights)
Strategy for follow up.  Be sure we are including Lillian so we can work together.

To make families more aware of sponsors – quarterly newsletter/showcase
Increase social media – perhaps a dedicated parent, media team, linking with other committees.
Fundraising mission statement that highlights we are providing experiences for the ENTIRE school and that EVERYBODY benefits when all participate.

Create a student EcoTeam
Practice what we preach in terms of litter-less lunches and environmental awareness, 
Focus on community outreach, inter-generational relationships and student leaders.
Pep Rally for murals and spring planting mini eco garden

Sports and Wellness
Be more prepared for early sports teams (Sept/Oct)
Give ourselves more lead time
Increase volunteers but also sport specific targeting of parents
Explore professionals to come in and supplement our Teacher Coaches.
Make it a full service experience and enhance extra curriculars through curriculum
Bring in experts in Wellness – release during the school day
Up communication with parents

Religious Celebration
On track

Other Areas
To boost Arts, Culture and Music
To create a Heritage Committee that celebrates the diversity of our school.
To engage more ESL and parents of different ethnicities to come to meetings and volunteer.  
Perhaps designate a job position to provide for hot lunches.
To continue on our paperless initiatives
To create website and possibly face book page.

Treasurer’s Report – Michael Bock
•    $11,976 Balance in CSAC account
•    Presented Mid-year review: $7,810.27 total income and $3,685.53 total expenses
•    Remaining Budget activities $3,362.15

Claire McMullen indicated that John Tory has been invited to attend an assembly at the school May 7th.

Principal’s Report – Lillian Ugrin
(1)  Thank you to all parents who participated in the National Literacy Day reading to students in JK to Grade 5 classrooms: Michelle, Claire, Brandi, Jackie, Carey, Sue, and Alison
(2) First Annual French Café – a huge success. Lots of support from parents, staff and grade 8 students. Thank you Julie Stone, Claire, Michelle, Fiona, Giovanna, Michael, Aaron, and Mira.
(3) French Immersion Program for September 2015.
 Total enrolment as of today 34 students (JK 13 and SK 21)
JK SK English Enrolment for September as of today 17 students (JK 8)  SK (9)
    (4) Physical Plant update – New Digital Wall Clocks are being installed this evening.
(5)  Tickets to a Marlies afternoon game on March 25th;criteria for student selection is being developed in consultation with Mrs. DaLuz
(6) Northern Spirit Games – Outdoor activity on February 19th Ms Lehane and Grade 4/5 class
(7)  Spring 2015 – First Annual Intermediate Students Faith/ South Etobicoke Catholic Schools
       Stay tuned for more informatio
Religion/Faith Announcement from Father Frank: First Communion and Confirmation Registration - Everyone must register!  Call Father Frank!
SAP request for safety lighting is still outstanding
A request has been made to make functional the school’s snow blower in order that caretaking staff may use it to clear a path to the main door.

Expenses:  Mariposa French Music Presentation $ 470.00
Expenses:  Screen to be paid $ ____________?
(1)  Progress Reports will be issued on February 10, 2015
      Parent Teacher Interviews will take place in the evening of February 12th and the morning of February 13, 2015.
(2) The Grade 4 students will be completed the OLSAT assessment on January 28th. Traditionally this assessment is used to identify POTENTIAL candidates for the gifted program. If you wish additional information please contact Mrs. Ugrin.
(3) Our Primary Teachers will be participated in a Literacy Inquiry activity on January 28th.  Ms. Policelli was the lead presenter, and her students participated in a demonstration lesson.
Health & Safety
TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT – At present we are where we need to be! Looking forward to the installation of the APPLE TV and TELEVISION. In addition to TECH support for teachers and students, especially with the mini ipads. $10,000 from the ICON Homes donation has been earmarked for technology upgrades.
(CLUBS continuing . . .)
Caribou Math
Gauss Math
CALENDAR (refer to February calendar)

Follow Up - as requested by CSC at the January 7   2015 meeting (completed)
REQUEST OF CSAC -   It is time to begin preliminary discussions with a view to prepare a Parent Handbook.
A meeting will be held on February 23rd at 1:00 pm. If you are available, please contact Mrs. Ugrin

Fundraising Report – Brandi Ward
Brandi to provide more details regarding Spring Fling during March meeting

Religious Celebrations Update – Tania Zoldak
Helen and Tania updated work Plan.  Contacted Father Frank and Frances.
Sent email to teachers linked to activities and detailed what was to be discussed.
Want to form a grad committee; however Tyler indicated that no committee will be formed.
Helen and Tania to follow up with Grade 8s

Student Report - Tyler email
Michelle to follow up with Mrs. Martinez regarding skate night.

Chair Report – Michelle Nolden Szarka
Thank you to everyone for contributing to the 20/20 discussion.  We will do an updated 20/20 plan and discuss the direction of funds based on our outcomes for our March meeting.

A huge thank you to the Eco Team – Majesta and Tree Canada have been submitted.  TD will be submitted on Monday.  We are waiting for the New Horizons Grant to open so that we can apply for that.  Lowe’s ToolBox Grant is not open to Catholic Schools.  If anyone has any other grants that they know of that we can take advantage of – please let us know.

Good presentation to the Board and due to our Family Math night we will not be presenting February.  We will be showing our eco team video at the     March Board Meeting and should know if we are finalist for the Majesta grant at that time.

Arc Review – Does anyone have any questions? – Reiterate we have been assured it is nothing to be afraid of and that our greening plans will continueas planned.

Winners of Marlies tickets as donated by Councillor Grimes will be determined by Ms DaLuz.

Have been in communication with Maia Puccetti and Joe Couto regarding a new school sign.  Typically this is something that schools raise funds for. They looked into getting an older one for us but there is nothing in the warehouse and the cost of removing one from an old school is prohibitive – must pour concrete footings etc.  We are researching other options.

Currently we are looking into WiFi.  Over the next two years beginning in September 2015, the Board will be putting wireless into all schools.  We have     contacted the Superintendant of 21st Century learning as well as Doug Yack and Ann Andrachuk but the criteria for who receives what when has not been determined.  We do not know whether we will be affected by the     impending Arc Review.   It could be up to two years before we are fully wireless and the Board will not reimburse us if we choose to go forward on our own.  We are looking at approx. 1500.00 for 3 install locations (pending hazardous material in the ceiling) 

Thrilled to announce that Islington Nurseries will be donating rockery for our outdoor classroom.

Would like to put forward a motion that we cover the cost of the repair to our musical instruments from our Outside Agency Account.

Motions Passed
•    Lillian wants to add hot spots after a review has been completed - up to $2,000 (motioned by Tania, second by Claire, all approved)
•    $800to repair instruments (motioned by Michelle, second by Claire, all approved)
•    Mural cost from outside agency approx. $1,500 (motioned by Michelle, second by Brandi, all approved)   
•    Shrove Tuesday Cots (motioned by Michelle, second by Brandi, all approved)
•    Hot Chocolate for Carnival and Hockey game ( motioned by Michelle, second by Pavla, all approved)                

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM
Next meeting on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 6:30 pm in the Library.



Approved Minutes from December CSPC Meeting

 St. Leo Catholic School
Catholic School Council Meeting
Wednesday, December 3, 2014.
6:30  pm in the Library
Minutes taken by Co-Chair Brandi Ward.
In attendance: Claire McMullan, Alison Juda, Michael Bock, Michelle Szarka, Susan Orr, Lillian Ugrin, Halina Simas, Joseph Dedeckr, Fiona Kerr, Brandi Ward, Jackie McGrath, Tania Zoldak.
Prayer for Catholic Education
O, Holy Spirit, source of truth and grace for those entrusted with the Christian development of children, enlighten our minds, strengthen our will, fill our hearts with generosity so that our homes, our parishes and our schools may co-operate effectively with You, and with one another in the mission of Catholic Education. We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

•    Welcome
•    Special Guest – Staff Reps: Susan Orr (Special Education Teacher) and
                                                 Halina Simas (French Teacher)
Principal Report
(1)  Outstanding presentation at the CEC by Michelle Nolden & Brandi Ward on Nov.20th
                     Outlined our plan to move forward with revitalization of St. Leo CS
(2) Carey Burleigh for updating the flower box!
(3)  All Grade 8 High school applications were completed, received and submitted on time!
(4) Remembrance Day Assembly was exceptional this year!
(5) Successful Scare the Hungar Food Drive over 500 pounds of food donated!
(6) Grade 1 students represented ST. Leo CS at the Toronto Police College – Super activity for our students! They participated fully in the investigative training process with the officers there.
(7) Swim Team practices have begun!
(8)  School Advent Mass/Grade 4/5 class/French component was a closing Litany to Mary sung by the students. All students in grades 1 to 8 sang! AMAZING


(1) Update CSAC of current staffing/allocations/assignments   Phys Ed Teacher
Mrs. McKeon – LTO to May 2015
(2)  JK REGISTRATION begins at 10:00 AM on Thursday, January 8, 2015
SAP request for safety lighting is still outstanding
Budget – School Block Budget Balance as of November 30, 2014 is $16, 493.00
(Carryover funds  (approx.. $8,000) were placed in the account)
(1)  Family Math Night February 19, 2015
P I C  funds of $500.00 are available to be used towards the purchase of materials and refreshments for this evening.
Q: CSC approval needed
(2)  Liaison with Lakeshore Arts – invited Behinn Jennings to our January 7th meeting for a presentation on an initiative : design of community flags  - for Junior grades
Offered by Lakeshore Arts Behinn Jennings 416-2014-7093
Coordinator of this project is Melissa McGrath.
(3)  Black History Month Presentation/ JK to Grade 3 / Anansi by Little Red Theatre on Friday, January 30, 2015
(4  Black History Month Presentation/ Grades 4 – 8  The Underground Railroad  Music and Drama on Monday February 2, 2015
(5) Carnaval Music/ French Presentation/ Grades 1 to 8 on Wednesday February 4, 2015
(6)  January Mass/ New Year Mass/ Monday January 26, 2015 at 9:30 am
•    Tylr Curcic-Mackie and Ivan Moreno represented St. Leo CS at the recent Safe School Symposium. Mrs. DaLuz and Mrs. Curcic-Mackie supported our students!
•    Health & Safety
1.  Morality Lights have been discussed and requested once again
     (one by the entrance and two in the kindergarten courtyard)

2. Officer Rich keeps up informed about safety situations needing our attention. We inform students and staff via announcement to be safety aware and be mindful of personal safety at all times.

•    TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT –   Awaiting the arrival of the iPads.

(1) Mitten Tree (Ms. Muller)
(2) St. Vincent De Paul Society
(3) Mrs. DaLuz
•    CLUBS  continuing . . .
(a)    Chess  
(b)    Rosary
(c)    Caribou Math
(d)    Gauss Math
•    CALENDAR (refer to December calendar on )

•    Follow Up - as requested by CSC at the November 2014 meeting  (completed)
CSAC Discussion
-CSAC offering to help safe schools with Holiday Donations re: clothing etc.
-Discussion on Integrating uniform clothing swap into curriculum night next fall 2015.
-Mass in the gym on December 3rd.
-Grades 4&5 students presented readings- French students sang. 
Chair Report – Michelle Szarka
-Icon Homes money arrived today
-Tree Canada grant going in tomorrow
-Sub committee- Michael Bock requests that each sub-committee leader forward any expenses  in advance so that he knows what reimbursements will be coming.
-Rob Metaka- Mural goal revealed – work will be done in class- Due Date December 15th– end results will be used in the kindergarten school yard
-Great strides being made with French Immersion.  French will run along side English program. Also pushing for mid immersion
-Meeting with Doug Yack tomorrow with CSAC reps and Mrs. Ugrin. 
-Teachers Breakfast: 16th or 17th – chosen date- to be sent out by e-mail
- Michelle to explore square space as website option

Treasurer’s Report – Michael Bock
-Difference of $83.59 still to come from the visa machine. Tania is still working on it.  Supposed to be completed tomorrow. 
-Discussion on the closing of the - long branch account.
Claire, Tania and Michael. Goal is to have that completed as soon as the money is returned from visa company.
-Discussion of the distribution to Icon Homes money.
Lillian will be given the bussing money directly .  Outside agency account will be involved. 
(not as simple as just depositing money directly into the school account. Lillian will follow protocols set out by the board) 

Fundraising  Report – Brandi Ward

-Report on Pasta lunch success. 
-Report on advertising initiative. There are 14 local businesses now on board.
-Advent mass celebration details. Debate on whether we are over taxing parents at this time. Event meant to offer service of an easy meal, inexpensive toys and family photos at a discount. 
-Much debate about how St. Leo’s gives back in the future. 

Teacher Report – Susan Orr
_When are the computers arriving? Many computers are slow- clarification on the process of ordering and arrival dates by Lillian.
-Hoping Santa delivers them!
-Should we order computers now to get in the cue or wait until the next shipment arrives? 
New Business/ Discussion
-Motion to order computers now Brandi .  Michelle 2nd ,Tania, Claire and Michael agree. Motion passed.
-Skate night disucussed. $160 for ice time. Senior grades. Grades 6, 7 and 8’s .
-Debate on how to properly engage older students in fundraising. Helmets required. How do we go about making sure that every student has a helmet for the date?
-Motion passed to fund skate night. Motion 2nd and passed.
-Idea of starting a hockey locker- so that each year we have access to the equipment
-Healthy action team – should take on sports equipment
-Suggestion to apply for a grant to match the donation…
- Discussion of French Immersion.  Importance is that St. Leo students and Catholics in South Etobicoke are given the CHOICE for Immersion.  Discussion not about validity of French as a 2nd language.  Currently the only other languages available are through the Heritage Learning Program.