Concerned parents meet with TCDSB Facilities - Morris Iafrate, Angelo Sangiorgio, Maia Puccetti and Trustee Ann Andrachuk about future of St. Leo.

Concerned parents meet with TCDSB Facilities - Morris Iafrate, Angelo Sangiorgio, Maia Puccetti and Trustee Ann Andrachuk about future of St. Leo.

 St Leos 20/20 Plan  

   Mission Statement

  • To work as an efficient team with teachers and the Board to provide students with a well rounded education - complete with a proper facility, relevant and current learning environment and necessary resources.


  • To foster a “Can-Do” environment that focuses on what we can do rather than what we cannot, within the policies and regulations of the TCDSB.   To respect all voices and opinions and work as a cohesive team.
  • To create six sub committees with leadership positions in addition to existing CSPC roles.    This empowers leaders, spreads the workload, is more efficient, helps to reduce burnout and encourages shared responsibility among parents. 
    • Religious and Sacrament Commitment
    • Heritage Committee
    • Sports and Wellness Team
    • Eco Team Committee
    • Fundraising Committee
    • Revitalization Committee


  • To implement early and mid French Immersion at St. Leo School so that we might offer a competitive choice for parents in South Etobicoke.
  • To keep families at St. Leo’s and continue to attract new families.
  • To strengthen bonds of the school with Parish, community partners and local businesses. 
  • Establish an action/advocacy plan for constant follow up with the Board to track and identify what has, hasn’t and needs to be done (particularly with technology and building maintenance.) To work closely with Principal to track outstanding SAP requests.
  • To engage and communicate with parents the need for Board accountability with respect to Renewal items and SAP requests.  


  • To establish an inclusive and complete 2014/2015 fundraising schedule. 
  • To engage parents and inform them of the importance and benefits of fundraising and financial contribution.  
  • Encourage parents to volunteer at all different levels and to make it clear that fundraising benefits ALL students. 
  • Create fun affordable school and community events that generate funds while fostering Christian spirit and school pride.
  • To maintain and further develop community partners, and sponsorship initiatives. To showcase regular sponsors to our families via newsletters, social media and events.
  • To maintain and further develop a social media strategy through a dedicated parent, media team that links with other committees.
  • Ideas include Spring Fling, Clean-up drive, Dance-a-thon, Cookie Drive, Mabel Labels, Christmas Concert, Online Auction, Ongoing Advertising, Tax Deductible Donations etc...  


  • To create site plan / action plan for 2014-2020 playground and Board and CSPC funded building improvements.
  • To work with TCDSB to create an eco friendly, safe outdoor environment that engages students in out of the box learning.
  • To apply for grants and source sponsorship and funding opportunities for playground rejuvenation and eco initiatives.
  • To create stewardship and environmental responsibility among students including litter-less lunches and recycling.  To create a student eco team with focus on community outreach, inter-generational relationships and student leaders.
  • Ideas include an outdoor classroom, murals, fence art, outdoor chess boards, picnic tables, peace pole, planters with evergreen trees, deck-boxes with recess activities, partnership with Literacy room, seniors etc...


  • To establish a 2015/2016 action plan/athletic booklet for sport and athletics and improve the opportunity for physical development and wellness.  
  • To supplement with intramural sports that act as “feeder” teams for our TCDSB competitive teams. 
  • Explore professionals to come in and supplement/support our Teacher Coaches.  Increase communication with parent volunteers (sport specific targeting of parents with skills).
  • To work with teachers and community partners to stress the importance of physical activity, wellness and it’s benefits to healthy learning. 
  • Ideas include: Intramural sports teams, Skating days at Mimico Arena, Professional Coaches and Sport Days, Spirit Days, Daily 7Th Inning Stretch, etc...  

Religious and Sacrament Committee

  • To provide memorable and special celebrations surrounding graduations and religious sacraments.
  • To engage alternate grades in preparation and support of those who are celebrating these milestones. 
  • To engage the parent community in the importance of religious and graduation events. 


  • CSPC has raised more money in the last three years than ever before.  There are many areas in the school that need resources and attention. 
  • CSPC has identified the following areas and will continue to direct attention and funds towards these initiatives as well. 
  • Arts, Culture and Music
  • Library and Literacy
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Paperless Communication


  • To foster an artistic culture within the school that celebrates individuality and creativity.
  • To provide musical instruments for the primary grades.
  • To foster art and music that celebrates the multicultural heritage of St. Leo students.
  • To engage and seek out available arts organizations that can bring in professionals - IE: Lakeshore Arts,Eukalalee Club, Sirius Theatre Company, Author in the Class etc...
  • To provide a cultural field trip for every class.
  • To fund a Biannual School Play (with a hired director), Talent Night, Glee Club etc   


  • To increase resources in the library particularly with new and current books and magazine subscriptions that will excite young readers.
  • To increase technology and 21st century learning in the library - smartboard, wireless connection, big screen t.v.
  • To revitalize and repair the actual room of the current library - painting, rotating shelves, desks, spinning racks for novels, 2
  • smart boards etc.


  • To continue work with the Angel Foundation and provide children with nutritious foods.
  • To provide all children with a healthy morning snack by 2015.
  • To clean up and organize the Servery
  • To provide healthy and convenient options for hot lunches.  To explore the possibility of a designated position for providing hot lunches.


  • To work with Principal and designated teacher to regularly update and make accessible the School Portal.
  • To link portal to social media accounts of principal and fundraising account.
  • To create website that is easy to navigate and will allow for alternate means of communication with parents. 
  • To develop action plan for collection of emails and create database with separate contact groups
  • To take advantage of translation opportunities via email.
  • To collect, manage and streamline email addresses and communication so that by 2020 the school is entirely paperless.