Wishing all the St. Leo families a wonderful holiday week-end.

Just a reminder that the school will be closed Friday and Monday.




New: Drop Off Procedures

Beginning Wednesday, September 4th parents will no longer be allowed into the yard during morning supervision from 8:45-9:00 a.m. Staff members will be positioned at each of the gates around the school and will welcome students into the school yard. Younger students, especially our Kindergarten students will be walked by a staff member to the Kindergarten Yard. This procedure is to ensure your child’s safety. Students arriving after 9:00 a.m. must enter the front door of the school and report to the office. A reminder to all parents who are wishing to enter into the school during the day, that they must do so through the front doors of the school and check in at the office. At dismissal times, parents will be allowed into the yard to pick up their child at the appropriate exit door. We can all agree that it is for the safety of our students.

Inclement Weather Morning Procedures

In case of inclement weather in the morning, students will be allowed to enter the school.  Teachers will be at three entrance points to allow students into the school (front door, Junior Playground Doors, and Primary Yard Entrance Door closest to the triple hoop).  Kindergarten students will go directly to their classrooms.  Students in Grades 1-8 will take direction from the teachers as to whether to go to the gym or to their classroom.  Parents are permitted to walk their child to the appropriate entrance door. 

Our school is pleased to introduce:

Safe Arrival via School Messenger


You may report an absence by: i) Calling 1-833-251-3286; OR ii) Use http://go.schoolmessenger.com; OR iii) Use the SchoolMessenger App **All reporting is available 24/7**

Our school is on INSTAGRAM!


Our school is pleased to introduce online banking!

In order to participate, you must register your child online first. Please register as soon as possible at https://tcdsb.schoolcashonline.com

As more parents register, we will be able to initiate payments for field trips, yearbooks, activity fees etc.

Our goal is to have NO CASH/CHEQUES being sent to the school through your child.

This means safe, fast and easy transactions.







The Minister of Education, Liz Sandals, made the exciting announcement at St. Leo CS ! 
In addition to the 500 student capacity, the  building will also include a child care facility for 49 children.  

Status update letter for St. Leo/St. Louis Catholic schools consolidations can be found here.           



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You are the hidden resource in your children’s education.  Research shows that a home environment that encourages learning is even more important than parents income, education level, or cultural background.  By actively participating in their child’s education at home and in school, parents send some critical messages to their child.  They’re demonstrating their interest in his/her activities and reinforcing the idea that school is important
—  Excerpt from www.eduation.com NYU Child Study Center